Slugterra: Slug it Out 2
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  • Version: 2.7.0

Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Review. Grab Your Blaster

Slug it Out 2 is the latest version of the Slugterra Google Android and iOS game. Explore the world as you collect slugs and watch them transform into amazing creatures. After the battle, you can take a break and interact with your slugs at the hideout.

Dynamic Visuals

The iOS and Google Play app for Android devices has high definition graphics. The game incorporates a combination of bright colors. This gives the game a beautiful appearance. As you play, you will notice a change in the visual effects of the game. The shape and size of the characters and objects emphasize the theme of the game. The background music is also exciting.

Riotous Campaign

In Slug it Out 2, you simply bring together the tiles and the slugs and shoot them in the monsters. Load the weapon with the slugs as fast as you can for quick attacks. As you take on an adventure, collect the lost slugs and take them home. Alternatively, you can hone your skills and focus on the action in the duel mode.

This app is very convenient, and the controls are up-to-date and suitable for its genre. The user interface is interactive, and you can get immersed in the game quickly. Executing the controls is enhanced by the consistency maintained in the UI. Once you start playing, the same concept applies throughout the game. Following the tutorial and tips is very easy. Additionally, the level of responsiveness is high. Once you click on a button or character, the command is executed immediately.

No Replay Zone

This iOS and Android app cannot be played repeatedly. I don’t like playing this game over and over again because of the small number of levels. The levels I’ve beaten are still fresh in my memory after finishing the game, so revisiting them doesn’t bring any excitement.

Slug it Out 2 contains in-app purchases and is free to download. You are allowed to collect gems and also use them to unlock the treasure chests and extra powers. These purchases enable you to increase efficiency as you attack the enemies.


I can recommend Slug it Out 2 to a person who loves action games. Even though Slug it Out 2 is a leading game, it is quite challenging. The first time I came across this game, it seemed very simple. However, things started getting complicated as I advanced to the next levels. Having played the first version of this game, I can tell that Slug it Out 2 is not as adventurous. Unlike other action games that I have come across, this game has few levels. Perhaps the developers should consider updating it by adding more levels and attractive features such as blasters. Regardless, this game is fantastic, and you should try it today.


  • It is a solid time killer
  • It has a well-designed interface
  • It is rewarding
  • the more you use a slug, the more powerful it becomes.


  • The adventure is cut short
  • Contains few levels
  • Boring to replay.
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