Slayaway Camp: 1980's Horror Puzzle Fun!
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Slayaway Camp Review

Do you remember the 80’s horror films? 20-30 years ago they were scary to death, but now most of them seem ridiculous. Slayaway Camp is a game which mixes a such a gory slasher action with comical elements. First, it was released on Steam; then it became available for iOS 9.0 or later users. You can download Slayaway Camp on your smartphone or tablet and experience everything by yourself.

Slayaway Camp is a killer sliding puzzle game, but not such as we believe we know. It’s a darkly comic ode to 80’s horrors. If you’re a fan of such movies, you’ll enjoy the game even if you hate puzzles because the developers managed to integrate this old-school theme in a masterful way.


Though you’ll notice the simplicity of the graphics, the game has an excellent look. It’s full of pixelated blood and Minecraft-like characters. Though the game is extremely violent and can’t be played if you’re under 17, the graphics make it funny and full of humor.

Everything is well-designed. You’ll enjoy different horror tropes played on for comic value. The killer will visit a summer camp, a beach, an amusement park, a space station, and other locations. You’ll start each one with a grainy found footage style trailer for a film.


In this game, you control Skullface, a psycho slasher in a horror movie. You’ll have to slay all the young campers in the level in every possible way. Kill’em all, but don’t touch the cats or you lose. If cops or SWAT notice you, you will be busted, so try to kill all the campers before it happens. Your mission is to kill each camper and then go away via the satanic portal that appears after you do this task.

Everything seems easy. At first. As you progress through the game and unlock the new items, the complexity grows. Beware of water, deep holes, and fireplaces. You’ll die if you step on them. But the same thing will happen with the victims. To entrap the young people, you can scare them.

In case you slide beside a person, he will run away in the opposite direction. This helps you to create a correct path to complete the level. Also, some of the campers kill themselves by accident. These scare tactics adds something new to a puzzle game.


If you’ve already played similar sliding puzzle games, then you know that the mechanics are quite simple. Just swipe in the direction you want the murderer to go, and he will until any obstacle gets in the way.

The Slayaway Camp game is user-friendly. It’s easy-to-play, and the characters move quickly. To kill someone, you have to slide right into him or her. As you do so, the killer starts his dirty work. To re-play the game, tap Rewind. To get an overhead view, just zoom out. The isometric perspective won’t cause you any problems with solving puzzles.

Replay Value 

The game is exciting, and you’ll have to think to succeed. That’s why it’s important to replay from time to time to succeed. You’ll have to complete some series in a certain number of moves, and that always adds a spice of variety to the game. However, most of the levels don’t have such a limitation and may seem too easy for some gamers.

In-app purchases

You won’t have to make in-app purchases for real money. Why would you need them if you can buy everything for coins you earn while playing? You’ll get this reward for solving the puzzles and performing the bonus kills. It’s possible to unlock the minigame for multiple bonus kills in a row, and collect even more coins. With this in-game currency, you can buy the hints, solutions, and various kill animations.

It won’t be hard to earn as many coins as you need. Just re-play the levels and use your logics. The hints are not expensive at all, so you won’t even remember about making in-app purchases for real money.


If you’re not overwhelmed by the blood, bones, and all these dead bodies, you’ll find something attractive in this smart and addictive puzzler. All the puzzles are smooth and captivating, the characters are hilarious, and the gore packs are awful in a good way.

Slayaway Camp offers you lots of things to love — the music, unique locations, tricky puzzles, morbid yet clever humor, and so on. It’s a perfect time killer. You just have to buy it and install on your smartphone or tablet. Do it now and you won’t regret.

Slayaway Camp will challenge but not suppress you. The developers thought about the players when they were creating this game. There are multiple hints, solutions, and level skips, lots of achievements, and gore sliders to customize the things you can’t even imagine.


  • Easy controls and more than 140 player-friendly puzzle levels
  • Nostalgic feeling when you play
  • Funny jokes and gore everywhere
  • Lots of scenes, killers, kill types, and other content to enjoy
  • No ads and in-app purchases.


  • Becomes repetitive after a while
  • The gameplay isn’t fresh.
Graphics and Sound
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