I am fond of not only brain teasers and puzzles but also simulators and multiplayer online battles. As I already said I find gaming useful and effective for intellectual development. So I am totally into games, and I can even play the role of an advanced game observer:)
Writing reviews and articles

Here come my services.

I can help you with promoting your products and writing reviews and articles for your site.This method guarantees the increasing of your product’s awareness and the audience engagement. I’m offering you writing reviews on the following topics (Complexity C):

  • Sports games.
  • Browser games.
  • Online multiplayer.
  • First person shooters.
  • Fighting games.
  • Puzzle games.
  • Family games.
  • Real-time strategy.
  • Mainstream and indie games.
  • Game design and development.
  • Gaming-related news.

All these themes can be considered in 2-5 business days (depending on complexity and words quantity), so you’ll get the publication you are interested in in the shortest term.

More complicated, but as well needed articles would be finished in 4-7 business days. And they may include the next topics (Complexity B):

  • Latest game reviews.
  • Latest game news.
  • Gameplay guides.
  • Gaming tutorial guides.
  • Game-related top 10 lists.

Streaming or Let’sPlays is a kind of content that is highly required by game-players. So if you are fascinated by it, you can order a video of gameplay (Complexity A). It is also a part of my activities. Recently I developed my Youtube channel, and have an ambitious goal for this year to get 20000 subscribers. If you are interested in high involvement to your product, then no need to go further; this is your variant.

Selecting the required type of content, you can understand the estimated cost of it:

Complexity A content
Complexity B content
Complexity C content

In my turn I can guarantee:

  • Clear, informative, and fun style for all types of content.
  • Broad interest and knowledge in specific entertainment genres, franchises, and niche interests.
  • Variety of posts, from short 250 word pieces to in-depth reviews and features.
  • Solely relevant and useful links in your work.
  • Entirely original posts.
  • Keeping up with trends.
  • Having an eye for detail.
  • Advanced, thorough research skills.
  • Having the time, energy and willpower to contribute to your posts on a regular basis (if needed).

We can also discuss terms and conditions for sustained cooperation. Regular content has a property to engage more people and to create recognition of your product. As I am a gamer to the core, my obsession with games can be channeled into a right direction:D

I am not only able to write a single article, but can create a content-plan, which is going to lead your product to success. Promotion of games and apps developed by a customer can be managed by the following methods:

  • Content filling of your social networks (short informative posts, long reads or selling texts).
  • Gamers community management (creating new topics, generating friendly content, posting comments on the relevant issues).
  • Involvement in the game forums (promoting your product in the appropriate topics and answering questions about it).
  • Website promotion (creating content and increasing your site usability for getting the best results).

We can debate on the terms and conditions of a sustained cooperation face-to-face or with email. We can sign a contract where all obligations of both sides would be fixated. You can have bonuses and special offers if you are interested in my promotion of two and more of your products.

Ordering a review for your app or game you should pay attention to the following requests and conditions:

  • If you like me to review your game I obviously need a playable copy. I can’t review a game I haven’t played.
  • I only review games I enjoy and would recommend to other people. I therefore always keep the right to not consider a game you’ve sent if it’s not useful or not fun enough in my opinion.
  • If you want me to review a Kickstarter game, please send me a copy in advance, so I have enough time to play the game and to write a decent review before the campaign starts. Requests during a campaign are rejected.
Feel free to contact me