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Minesweeper Review. Mine Defusing Made Fun

Travel back to ancient Egypt with this unique leading board game which you can download for free on your Google Android device. You get the same retro feel as the 90’s but with added advantages such as a leaderboard right on your screen.

Vibrant Yet Lacking Visuals

A simple design which makes the game easy on your phone. The background is Egyptian-themed with cells in the foreground which house the mines. The graphics are quite colorful with a 2D sand and green oasis backdrop. The UI is fun and cartoony, and the graphics don’t have too much depth to them. The main play screen consists of the play boxes against one background, and this makes the game a little bland.

Sweep or Weep

There are three different gameplay levels on the app; easy, medium and hard. The easy mode has 81 squares with 10 mines hidden; the medium has 256 squares with 40 mines hidden, and the hard has 480 squares with 99 mines hidden. Once you’ve opened the level you want, you begin by setting the flag on the box that you want. You have to continue setting flags while trying to avoid setting off mines. The more flags you set, the more points you score. One might be tempted to think that the game is easy, but you have a mathematical test before you trying to figure out where the next correct box is.

The setting of a mine ends your run, and you go back to the leaderboard. You can check your stats and see how well you are doing.

The tapping mechanism is quite simple and convenient, and anyone even a kid can operate the game without much instruction. There’s not cluttering of the screen with unnecessary

The Android app is free, and there are no particular in-app purchases available for this specific version of the game.

Does It Hold Up?

I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about replaying the game because there’s no difference from the original Minesweeper on Windows or other Minesweeper games that I’ve played. There’s no added storyline and no new play options. The interface is quite bland, and there’s no incentive to replay it.


The Google Play app for Minesweeper is an excellent addition to a smartphone, but don’t expect too much from this game. I was hoping for some new action, but it’s just the old game wrapped up in new colors. The latest update requires Android 2.3 which means it’s a really simple and light game on your phone. The themes and sounds are a bit bland quite frankly, slightly annoying. I’ve tested the game on a tablet, and it looks much better there than on a smaller phone. The app brings back the nostalgic feel of the original minesweeper. There are really few play options that you are offered, and replay would have been encouraged if new play options were introduced. The speed is quite okay due to the simple graphics.

I’d give the game a positive score and would recommend it to anyone looking for that old Minesweeper experience.


  • Simple graphics and brings back the original Minesweeper feel
  • Easy to play
  • Looks good on tablets.


  • Boring interface
  • Too many ads
  • No new features even with the latest version.
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