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Secret Neighbor Review: Fun Multiplayer Game

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer-oriented Hello Neighbor spin-off where you finally get to play as the Neighbor himself. Yes, the dev team behind the project has heard the game fans’ most popular request and incorporated this spicy detail into the gameplay. 

While enjoying the game, you will initially play as one of the kids whose ultimate goal is to get into the Neighbor’s scary basement and rescue their mutual amigo. Pretty soon, however, you will discover that one of your pals is the Neighbor in disguise (wait, or is it you?).

Secret Neighbor is a social horror video game with lots of fun challenges and quality jumpscares. It’s available to play on your Windows PC or Xbox One console. If Hello Neighbor is something that tickles your fancy, then you will like Secret Neighbor even more.

Graphics 10/10

Secret Neighbor flaunts top-notch cartoon-esque visuals. Even though the overall atmosphere of the game is dark, the fact that the graphics are second-to-none is clear and instantly easy to see. Thus, if you want to enjoy Secret Neighbor to the fullest, opt for a solid graphics card before downloading the game. 

Sound 10/10

As for the Secret Neighbor sound effects, they’re very impressive as well. They will haunt you at every step, contributing to the spine-chilling jumpscares and getting you completely immersed in the gameplay. The Secret Neighbor sound effects magnificently add to the overall suspense of the game.

Gameplay 10/10

The Secret Neighbor gameplay boasts two vital peculiarities. They are the possibility to play as the Neighbor and the chance to enjoy the game with your friends. The plot of the game is easy to grasp. You and your friends are trying to sneak into the Neighbor’s basement searching for their gone-without-a-trace friend.

The multiplayer mode allows up to six players to participate in the Secret Neighbor game at the same time. While you’re looking for the keys required to get into the basement, the scary truth reveals itself to you: one of your friends is the Neighbor. Fancy the power of the jumpscare at that epic moment! If horror games of this type are what you’re into, then Secret Neighbor is the game you should definitely try.  

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Even though the environment of the Secret Neighbor game is exciting to explore, there may come a seen-it-all-a-thousand-times moment when you will start getting bored. That’s where the multiplayer functionality comes in, contributing to the game’s replay value and overall lasting appeal. Playing with friends is a lot more fun than playing alone, after all.

In-Game Purchases

The Secret Neighbor game is not free. Furthermore, additional purchases are included as you progress through the game. If you want to customize your character at some point, you will have to purchase this function using real-world money. Note that Secret Neighbor does not come with its own in-game currency.


Secret Neighbor is a fantastic title that will impress you with top-quality graphics, awesome sound effects, interesting plot, and fun gameplay packed with juicy jumpscares and lots of challenges to overcome. The game is sure to take your breath away and leave you craving for more. You will have a blast playing Secret Neighbor with your friends, I promise!


  • Great graphics
  • Well-thought-out sound effects
  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Tons of exploration
  • You get to play as the Neighbor.


  • Occasional bugs
  • More maps needed.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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