Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap
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  • Version: 1.0.6

Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap Review

Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap is an app designed by Solite Kids. Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap was first published on August 28, 2020. It is available for Android.


If you are a proud owner of the Android device, Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap requires 4.1 and up. The most current version is 1.0.6 Before diving headlong into Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap consider content rating:

  • Everyone

Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD Lengkap will take up 37M of free space on your mobile. App’s success is proven by 500000+ downloads.

Buku Belajar Lengkap TK dan PAUD adalah aplikasi belajar untuk anak sekolah TK dan PAUD yang dapat membantu anak-anak dalam proses belajar dengan cara menyenangkan.

Pada Aplikasi Belajar Lengkap TK dan PAUD ini anak-anak akan belajar mengenal huruf dan mengenal angka serta seputara pelajaran TK dan PAUD yang lainnya. Konsep pembelajaran pada aplikasi ini dirancang secara interaktif dan disetai permainan menarik dan suara sehingga anak-anak tidak bosan saat bermain.

Belajar Lengkap Anak TK dan PAUD merupakan hal dasar yang harus diajarkan pada anak-anak sejak dini sehingga dapat menghafal huruf alphabet dan angka sejak usia dini.

Fitur Belajar :
- Belajar Huruf Besar
- Belajar Huruf Kecil
- Belajar Angka Dasar
- Belajar Menulis Huruf Besar
- Belajar Menulis Huruf Kecil
- Belajar Menulis Angka
- Belajar Bentuk Dasar dan Warna
- Belajar Membaca Satu Suku kata
- Belajar Membaca Dua Suku Kata
- Belajar Membaca Tiga Suku Kata
- Buku Mewarnai Digital (100+ Gambar untuk diwarnai)
- Belajar Mewarnai Kartun Hewan Darat
- Belajar Mewarnai Kartun Hewan Laut
- Belajar Mewarnai Kartun Hewan Udara
- Menu Lagu Anak Indonesia (40+ Lagu Anak Indonesia Aransemen Tim Solite Kids bisa dimainkan offline)

- Bermain Cocokkan Objek
- Bermain Tempel Puzzle
- Bermain Cocokkan Huruf Besar dan Kecil
- Bermain Dressup Warna
- Bermain Puzzle Animasi
- Bermain Tebak Huruf dan Angka
- Bermain Tebak Bacaan (melatih kemampuan membaca anak)
- Bermain Cocokkan Gambar Kartu Yang Sama (Melatih logika anak)
- Bermain Tebak Huruf Balon Udara

Serial SECIL
SECIL yang disingkat Serial Belajar Si Kecil adalah Kumpulan Serial Aplikasi Belajar Anak Berbahasa Indonesia yang dikemas khusus secara interaktif dan menarik yang kami buat khusus untuk Anak-anak Indonesia. Sudah ada beberapa serial yang sudah rilis seperti Secil Belajar Mengaji Iqro', Secil Belajar Doa Islam, Secil Belajar Shalat, Secil Belajar Wudhu, Secil Belajar Tajwid dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya
Kindergarten and PAUD Complete Learning Book is a learning application for kindergarten and PAUD school children that can help children in the learning process in a fun way.

In this Kindergarten and PAUD Complete Learning Application, children will learn to recognize letters and recognize numbers and other kindergarten and PAUD subjects. The concept of learning in this application is designed interactively and is accompanied by interesting games and sounds so that children are not bored while playing.

Complete Learning for Kindergarten and Early Childhood Children is the basic thing that must be taught to children from an early age so that they can memorize letters and numbers from an early age.

Learning Features:
- Uppercase Learning
- Learning Lowercase
- Learn Basic Numbers
- Learn to Write Uppercase Letters
- Learn to Write Lowercase
- Learn to Write Numbers
- Learn Basic Shapes and Colors
- Learn to Read One Syllable
- Learn to Read Two Syllables
- Learn to Read Three Syllables
- Digital Coloring Book (100+ Pictures to color)
- Learn to Color Cartoon Land Animals
- Learn to Color Cartoon Marine Animals
- Learn to Color Air Animal Cartoon
- Indonesian Children's Song Menu (40+ Indonesian Children's Songs Arranged by the Solite Kids Team can be played offline)

- Play Match the Object
- Play Paste Puzzle
- Play Match the Upper and Lower Letters
- Play Color Dressup
- Play Animated Puzzles
- Play Guess Letters and Numbers
- Playing Guess the Reading (practice reading skills of children)
- Play Match the Same Card Images (Train children's logic)
- Play Guess the Hot Air Balloon Letters

SECIL serial
SECIL which is abbreviated as Little Learning Series is a collection of Indonesian Language Learning Application Series that is specially packaged in an interactive and interesting way that we created especially for Indonesian children. There have been a number of series that have been released such as Secil Studying the Koran Iqro ', Secil Studying Islamic Prayers, Secil Studying Shalat, Secil Studying Wudu, Secil Studying Tajweed and many others.

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