Rugby Nations 19
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Rugby Nations 19

Rugby Nations 19 is a Rugby sports simulator game made by Distinctive Games. It is available for Android and iOS owners. You may already know Distinctive Games developers by the Hockey All-Stars or Football Kicks Title Race games. This is not the first Rugby All Stars game in the series. There were Rugby 16, 18, and now 19 Leagues. The game is free of charge and does not require anything specific from you.

Graphics 10/10

Rugby Nations 19 has incredibly vivid colors. Stadiums and training rooms never looked so gorgeous and bright. Everything in the game is well-developed up to every small detail. You may even feel the wind on the field. The picture is eye-catching. Even players look realistic. The game mechanics are worth of compliments as well. The soundtrack can be a little too loud, but you can control sounds on your phone.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay of Rugby Nations 19 may be appreciated by all rugby fans. There are different modes you can choose according to your own preferences, skills, and current mood. The main goal in this game is to win the match, bring the team to the glory.
So, if you choose to enter that rugby action, you have to prepare to act quickly there. There is a live match, where everything must be done on time. No delays in the field.

If you prefer to concentrate on improving your team, choosing players, checking their abilities, pick All-Star game mode. You will be allowed to customize the player’s kit, upgrade stadiums and make changes inside the team. Each time your team wins you receive new players to choose from. There are greatest legends available on the highest levels.

Controls 10/10

The game is moving fast and you have to keep up with it. This is why you will need to train before you will reach perfect results. Developers constantly work on updating the game. The latest version contains improved controls. But you have to open Tutorial if you want to know all the secrets of a successful game.

Replay Value 10/10

The replay value of Rugby Nations 19 is incredibly high. If you love rugby sport, you will love the game. You can pick the best teams from across the world to participate in the World Cup tournament, you can change players or improve their stadiums. There is so much you can do during one game, it is easy to get lost. And it makes the game even more attracting.

In-app purchases

This game is completely free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything if you want to play. Just open the app store and download the game from it on your phone. And yet, if you want to make some improvements, there are in-app purchases offered. For example, you can buy 6 hours of Unlimited Energy for $1.99, so you don’t have to wait till the players will have rest. There are gold and cash offered inside the game.


Rugby Nations 19 is an entertaining way to spend your free time. It will be interesting to anyone who loves sports, rugby in particular, or just want to try something new. There are numerous modes to keep the game fresh and challenging.


  • Colorful and interesting graphics
  • Various modes
  • Free of charge.


  • Contains ads
  • Controls can be challenging.
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