Word Search 2020
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  • Version: 1.8

Word Search 2020

Word Search 2020 is a great challenge for the smartest brains, as well as the way to improve them. The game was made by 1UP Games for Android phones. It was recently updated on November 19, 2019, with all the minor bugs fixed. This is a free of charge puzzle game, an amazing alternative to Scrabble if you are tired of it.

Graphics 9/10

The game was made to help you with learning new words, solving crosswords and puzzles, train your memory and brain. However, it is not actually so bright, cartoonish, or eye-catching. Word Search 2020 has one simple background and not many soundtracks as all of them may distract you from words searching, learning and memorizing. The game is more colorful than standard crosswords in newspapers or magazines. That’s for sure. Its dark green color and white help to concentrate on the black letters.

Gameplay 10/10

If you are a brainiac (not the atrocious super evil from DC Comics), you will definitely love this game. It has almost never-ending amounts of difficulty levels and no distractions on your way. You can train your knowledge of words, learn new, and even practice another language with the help of the game.

There are numerous ways to play Word Search 2020. For example, you can try to search for new words under the sea. You may compete against your family and friends and share results with each other. Use the largest or hardest to pronounce words and go to the top of the table. For all your efforts you receive more scores and coins.

The difficulty in this game rises together with your knowledge. The better your results the more challenging level you can open. There is an offline option for those who travel and do not have access to WiFi.

Controls 10/10

Word Search 2020 has an incredibly intuitive interface and simple controls. All you need to tap on the first letter of the word you have just noticed and drag it down, up, left or right to link with other letters so you can receive the word. Basically, you will swipe right and left, up and down, and tap a lot. That’s all. The words you have found or used appear in the bar below.

Replay Value 10/10

This game is actually never-ending. You don’t need to follow a complicated story or get to know characters. There is actually no other task except for searching new words and forming complex ones from multiple letters. There are dozens of levels that introduce you to new challenges. You can open the game any time you have a free minute to play.

In-app purchases

The Word Search 2020 game is free of charge. It does not require any in-app purchases. However, the game contains ads. Consider them as a payment for free use. They are not really that annoying and do not often appear on display.


Word Search 2020 game is a challenging and smart game for all fans of Scrabble, crosswords, and puzzle games. This is basically a mix of all these genres. You receive numerous levels and scores for each word you have found. The longer your word is, the more chances you have to receive victory.


  • Dozens of challenging levels
  • Easy to control
  • Free of charge
  • Ability to learn a new language.


  • Contains ads
  • The graphics are plain.
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