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Chess Review. Become The Master

Chess can be learned very fast, but mastering the art is challenging. The Chess app for iOS and Google Android devices gives you an opportunity to learn and enjoy playing chess. It provides you with 12 levels of difficulty and lets you engage in multiplayer matches.

Simplistic yet Classy Design

This iOS and Google Play app for Android devices has very incredible graphics. They seem to be very simple but have been appropriately integrated to emphasize the theme of the game. It is impressive that you can change the colors of the game pieces. Its general, appearance is that of a real-life chess game. The developers of this game have done an excellent job by using graphics that cause an immersive experience.

This iOS and Android app utilizes a similar experience to that of the standard chess game. It allows for multiplayer matches. I find this leading app convenient for handling two-player matches. There are 12 levels of difficulty that you can explore. The latest version comes with two modes: the casual mode and the pro mode. If you choose the casual mode, the app will offer a lot of guidance as compared to when you select the Pro mode. Therefore, this gameplay is excellent for novices to learn.

Everything You Need Is There

This app’s controls are up to date and convenient for its genre. The guidelines are clear and concise. The casual mode, for instance, allows you to use the game’s help especially if you are a beginner. The Chess Tutor function will enable you to control your movements easily. These features elevate the level of intuitiveness with the game. Therefore, navigating does not get complicated for the user. Consistency is also something that characterizes chess. The same concept is used throughout the different levels.

A Lust for Replay

Every time you launch Chess, you accomplish tough challenges, and this gives you a fantastic and creative experience, motivating you to complete another game.

Chess comes in two versions. One of them can be downloaded for free. This one contains in-app purchases that allow you to unlock new levels and collect rewards. The other version is the one you have to purchase. Updating to this version enables you to play with fewer ads and full game features.


I would recommend Chess to any person willing to learn the game or become a pro. I think that this Chess app is most suitable for people who have a background in chess. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time trying to figure out the rules and tricks of the game. Learning about the general aspects of this game is very easy. However, you must sharpen your skills. Otherwise, you will have an awful experience with this app.


  • Chess supports multiple matches at once
  • It has a very convenient interface
  • It allows in-game chat.


  • Can be frustrating, especially when you lose several times
  • The free version contains many ads that are interruptive
  • It is not unique.
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