Forest Rescue: Match 3 Puzzle
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  • Version: 14.0.8

Forest Rescue: Match 3 Puzzle Review. Must-Try Puzzle Game

There is one thing I do not like about puzzle games. I do not like the fact that most of these games do not have a backstory. Most games in this genre are merely about matching three items, and that is it. Forest Rescue stood out for me because it has a compelling backstory. Every time I play the game, I feel like I am on a mission. Find out why this is my favorite puzzle app in this review.


Forest rescue for iOS and Google Android has impressive graphics compared to other similar games. The animals in the game are very well animated, and the colors are quite stunning. They make the game come alive. Overall, the graphics are simplistic, but this perfectly suits the genre.


The gameplay of this iOS and Android app is my favorite thing about it. Basically, you will be on a quest to save the forest for cute and adorable animals from a dangerous beaver. To do this, you will have to match three or more items, bringing you closer to defeating the beaver. You will also get to unlock the different animals’ powers which give you a better chance of winning. It is a fun and unique concept compared to the rest.


My Google Play app for this game has very simple controls. All I have to do to play the game is swipe right, left, up or down depending on where I want to move the item. This simplicity makes it perfect for people who are not tech-savvy as well as those who are not keen on learning a lot of things before playing a game.

In-App Purchases

This game is free, but features a number of in-app purchases such as coins and additional lives. These purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99. Personally, I have played numerous levels, and I have never made any purchase. Therefore, I do not think they are really necessary. With or without the purchased items, you will be able to enjoy the game thoroughly.

Replay Value

Saying that this game is addicting is an understatement. I feel robbed every time I have to put it down to cater to my responsibilities, and I always long to play it. I have zero doubts that you will get addicted as well.


I thought I had tried all the best puzzle games until I came across Forest Rescue. This game was not only different from the rest but also exciting and challenging at the same time. I have no regrets about getting it, and I would recommend it to all puzzle game fans. The latest version of this leading app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store. Get yours now!


  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Unique storyline
  • Easy to get into
  • Regular updates.


  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Contains ads
  • Prone to crashing.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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