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Yahtzee Dice Game Review. Keep On Rolling

Yahtzee gives you that classic casino feel, prevalent to board games that run more on luck than skill. Roll your dice and make the best combinations out of 5 dice with three rolls each, and experience that poker sensation reminiscent of a past age with this leading app.

Old Time Classic

The design is simple yet maintains that classic feel in an age of powerful CGI and NVidia graphics. Your display consists of the regular Yahtzee leaderboard, with your combinations scores and the Roll tab. It also has the home button and a sound button.

The ultimate aim of the game is to get a ‘Yahtzee’ which is a combination of 5 similar dice. The game takes 13 turns with each turn consisting of up to 3 rolls of dice. On the first roll, you are free to roll all five dice. After the second roll, you can hold any subset of the five dice you want while rolling the rest aiming for a great combination. Once a player has chosen a combination to be used in a particular round and entered on the leaderboard, it cannot be used again. The general rule is once you get the first Yahtzee, you are awarded a 50-point bonus. If you get another Yahtzee assuming you didn’t take a zero, you are awarded a 100-point bonus.

The leaderboard consists of 13 scoring boxes divided into the upper and lower sections. If you have a score of 63 or higher in the upper section, you get a bonus of 35 points at the end of the game.

The Ultimate Convenience

The simple Tap mechanism is quite convenient for this Android app. It ensures you can fully enjoy the gaming experience without any clutter on your screen and also makes the entire playing process really simple.

Yahtzee for your Google Android is free to download. There are no in-app purchases which makes the game even more enjoyable and retains the original gameplay.

I’d replay this game because of its simplicity. There are no deviations to the style of play of Yahtzee that we’re all used to. The nice graphics and easy controls also make the game quite enjoyable.


Yahtzee never changes, even on this app. If you are a die-hard Yahtzee fan, you will certainly enjoy this one. Feel the nostalgia of family game night right on your phone. You will almost get the feeling of being in a casino with this game, just like poker. There is lots of fun and plenty of addiction. Even the latest version has really simple graphics, so this is an app for any Android device provided you get an update for APK 4.4 or higher.

With nice graphics and simple play, I enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone.


  • Cool graphics
  • Simple to play
  • The Google play app for Yahtzee has very few glitches.


  • Problems with Facebook logins
  • Inaccurate scores in some instances
  • There’s no iOS version.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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