Flow Free
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  • Version: 4.5

Flow Free Review. Matching Colors Fast and Easy

Flow Free is a game that involves connecting similar colors with a pipe-like structure. This app is available on both iOS and Google Android devices. It is easy and exciting to play and is especially recommended for children to increase their cognitive abilities.

Colorful and Tasteful

One of the best features about this iOS and Google Play app for Android devices is that it has excellent graphics. I think the graphics are simple but have been uniquely incorporated into the game. Outstanding color combinations have been used to bring out the theme. There are touches of yellow, orange, blue, red, green and purple among others. They make the game lively. The use of a rich musical background also puts you in the mood to play and conquer the challenges.

Go With the Flow

In this leading iOS and Android app, the objective is to match colors using pipes. Every correct move earns you scores. You are not allowed to let the tubes overlap with each other as that will lead to failure. To create a pipe, you just have to swipe the screen. The game comes in two modes. There is the free play mode and the time trial mode. The fully paid version comes with enhanced and increased functionalities of the game.

The controls are up-to-date and convenient for the genre. The instructions for this game are very clear and concise. Additionally, matching the colors is very fast. The game barely freezes, and even less so with the latest update. The icons on the screen are very reliable as they guide you to play the game. So even when you are a novice, you can learn really quickly. Throughout the game, similar patterns and ideas have been used. This consistency guarantees you convenience. Due to the efficient controls and an average complexity level of this game, Flow Free provides an immersive and stable experience.

May Not Last You Long Enough

You can play the game repeatedly. However, in my opinion, Flow Free is not challenging, and this makes it dull to replay.

Free Flow comes in two versions. There is one that can be downloaded for free and contains limited functionalities and in-app purchases. The purchases allow you to unlock new objects. The other version is the fully paid one that has the ulmimate feature pack.


Free Flow is an easy and exciting game. In my opinion, it is most suitable for kids to learn and enhance their cognitive capabilities. It is too simple for an adult. The problem I find with this app is that in the paid version, you have to keep paying even for hints. It can also get frustrating. In order to move to the next level, you have to finish the one before. If you get stuck, you might not enjoy playing this game. In spite of this, I still recommend this game. The latest version can be accessed at Google Play Store or Apple Store.


  • Easy to play
  • Creates an interactive and immersive experience
  • Contains several levels that can be explored.


  • Limits the player by not allowing to play in a random order
  • Hints have to be paid for which makes it relatively expensive
  • It is not unique.
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