Matchington Mansion
  • Size: 74M
  • Version: 1.63.2

Matchington Mansion

Welcome to an amazing match-3 puzzle game from Firecraft Studios. The game was released back in 2018, and it quickly became popular among puzzle lovers. Matchington Mansion is available for both mobile platforms: Android and iOS. It is colorful, mysterious, and free of charge. While the game was created for players of 4 years old and up, many adults find the game flawless.

Graphics 10/10

Maybe I am not the best judge of Matchington Mansion graphics as I am a devoted fan of this colorful, bright, sweet and cute match-3 pictures. This time it is not only adorable, but it also offers you to become a designer yourself and create greatness together. You will have to decorate the old mansion yourself, feeling it with new memories, amazing furniture from childhood dreams, and a vivid palette of colors. You can even get inspired by houses of your neighbors if you feel like you are run out of ideas.

Gameplay 10/10

Normally we have only one goal in match-3 games. We match similar objects with each other and move from one level to another. Sometimes we help characters to travel through the map. This day, we have to decorate an old mansion, uncover old secrets and save the mansion from an evil cousin.

On your way to restoring the mansion and revealing all the mysteries of the house, you will meet adorable characters who will help you and quickly become your friends. Each time you gather puzzles, you receive decorations for a mansion. You can also search for hidden furniture across the house.

The higher your level, the more objects you can find or secrets explore. You can communicate with other characters to uncover their stories. The new rooms can be opened with the help of your scores for match-3 puzzles.

Controls 10/10

Controls in Matchington Mansion are as easy as in all match-3 games. You see the similar objects you need to gather, you tap and swipe to pick them all. There are boosters in the game, which you can use as well on the higher level to gather more puzzles at once. You are able to pick furniture from the store, drag it to the place you want. Every new task is explained in the game.

Replay Value 9/10

There are literally over 30 levels with puzzles. Developers are working on new levels. You may always get to the side quest and speak to other characters, play with pets, decorate the mansion, search for mysteries. However, you have to understand that there is a linear story. You have to investigate the secrets of the mansion. After that, the game will not lose its addictiveness but maybe less intriguing.

In-app purchases

The game is completely free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything to play it. You may even switch off in-app purchases offer. But if you want to improve the game you can pay for coins or new offers from neighbors. The game contains ads. Some players find that annoying. Consider the ads as payment for the game.


Matchington Mansion is an unblemished game in the match-3 puzzle genre. If you love these games, you will love to solve mysteries and puzzles in Matchington Mansion. It has one of the most fabulous graphics as well.


  • Free of charge
  • Fantastic colorful graphics
  • Mysteries and numerous puzzles
  • User-friendly navigation.


  • Contains ads
  • Replay value is not high.
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