Word Search Games in english
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Word Search Games

Words Search Games from Edujoy is a puzzle game where you have to find as many words as you can. Word Search games always were popular among people who love to train their brains. The game was created for the Microsoft Windows platform and was on-demand among other browser games and on Facebook. Now it is available for both mobile platforms. Google Play Store has recorded over 50 million downloads for Android.

Graphics 9/10

Words Search Games is one of the best representatives of the word search genre, that’s for sure. However, comparing to amazingly made puzzle games with the usually attractive luring pictures, Word Search Games looks pale. It has a white-colored board and black letters all over it. You have to gather words from these letters. Once you do this, the word becomes highlighted in a different color. The more words you find, the messier is the display in front of you.

Gameplay 10/10

Words Search Games gameplay is known for years to everyone who loves word searching mind exercises. You may have seen it in newspapers or magazines. You may have even tried similar games with your family, on a simple piece of paper. We played it when we were little, during road trips with our sisters or brothers, mom, and dad.

This time the game is way more improved. You receive the almost never-ending amount of levels and number of words. You can practice your knowledge and memorize new words. The game offers you various languages to choose from. You can learn Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and so on. And you will not even notice how you do this, because you will be playing. You may start with a 6x6 board on the easiest level, and go up to the 12x12 board the hardest one.

Controls 10/10

Words Search Games is easy to control. You don’t even need to watch tutorials before you start to play. Everything is explained. After the latest update, the button Quit appeared, so you can leave the game anytime you want. Start the game. You will see the screen divided into two sections. There is the bigger section which shows you the mainboard with letters on the right. On the left, there is a small section with a timer, few tools, and the words you need to gather and you have gathered.

Replay Value 10/10

It is easy to get and does not contain distractions like vivid landscapes or cute characters you want to follow. You can use the game to learn new foreign words or to learn sophisticated words from your language. You can just simply share your scores with friends and family to make them jealous of your smartness if that is what you are looking for.

In-app purchases

This is completely free of charge game. It does not require anything from you, except for the reliable WiFi connection. While the game is free, many gamers complain about an enormous number of ads that appear during the game. Sometimes, there are two ads in a row. Game developers offer a paid version of the game to remove the ads. You will pay $0.99 and all the ads will be removed.


If you were looking for a mind training game, Words Search Games is for you. This is a great way to train your mind and memory. Developers have recently updated the game, adding new words and improving the controls.


  • Free of charges
  • Contains multiple levels
  • Great way to learn languages.


  • Plain graphics
  • Contains ads.
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Word Search Games in english
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