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Minecraft Review

Is there really anybody who didn’t hear about Minecraft yet? Well, this game is a real phenomenon. Minecraft was launched ten years ago, and its popularity grows rapidly every day. This game became a real addiction for both kids and adults, and it’s not a surprise. With an unlimited pixelated world of possibilities, Minecraft offers you to realize your wildest dreams and boost your imagination.


Don’t expect Minecraft to impress you with picturesque landscapes or real-like characters. The textures of the game are nothing more than blocks and cubics. That’s, actually, what the game is famous for.

The visual stuffing of the game looks and works great on any mobile device. If you have played the PC Minecraft version, you won’t find any differences between the image quality of the PE version and the full game.


Minecraft is dedicated to arranging blocks in such a way as to build any things imaginable. There are also monsters that come at night, so don’t forget to build a shelter before they get out of their lairs. Once you launch Minecraft, you actually face two urgent problems: survival and creation.

There is no plot of the game. The world is randomly generated each time you enter the game. It also depends on the preferences set before the start of the game. You can farm, build houses inspired by the real world, and literally do whatever you want.


Minecraft has a basic mobile control scheme. The interface of the game is quite straightforward, so you don’t have to memorize different button combinations to play.

There are directional arrows to navigate in the gaming world and the move button in the center of the digital gamepad. To interact with the objects, you have just to tap and hold to set or extract a needed material.

Replay Value

Different magazines, both paper and digital say that people of different ages spend more than 40 hours in Minecraft per week. And these researches were done with the users of PC or console versions. Now, imagine that you can take your favorite game wherever you go. Yeah, Minecraft PE is a total addiction, that you can’t deny.

In-app purchases

The game offers different additional items for more fun. You can buy or not buy them, it depends only on your desire.

  • City Folk Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Town Folk Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Halloween Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Biome Settlers Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Holiday 2015 Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Redstone Specialists Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Journey to the West Skin Pack - $1.99
  • Story Mode Skin Pack - $2.99
  • Biome Settlers Skin Pack 2 - $1.99
  • Realms Monthly Subscription: You + 10 Friends - $7.99


The phenomenon of Minecraft’s success began with one idea of one person. Impressed by the indie game called Infiniminer, Markus Persson decided to make his own ‘dream game’ based on it. Persson successfully developed the idea of a “digger simulator” in his debut game Cave Game, soon renamed to Minecraft. He gave the players complete freedom of creativity and dozens of tools, and the result is extremely stunning. Download the Minecraft game and try the masterpiece yourself!


  • Original sandbox technology
  • Runs smoothly on any device
  • Provides probably all options of its elder PC version
  • Free to download


  • Multiplayer mode is rather glitchy
  • Can overheat the battery of your device if you play for a long period of time
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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