60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training!
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60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! Review

60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! is an application created by Peoresnada.com. 60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! was first published on December 29, 2019. The app is currently available for Android.


If you are a proud owner of the Android device, 60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! requires 5.0 and up. The most current version is 30 Before downloading 60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! consider content rating:

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60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! requires 12M of empty space on your mobile. App’s success is proven by 5000000+ downloads.

60 fun mind games to keep your brain in shape!

This game is designed as a personal gym trainer for your brain. The objective is to train a couple of minutes every day in short sessions, to keep your brain challenged and estimulated with fun mind games.

This app will stimulate the 4 key areas of your brain: Memory, Concentration (Attention), Problem-Solving (Analysis) and Calculation. It’s like exercise for your brain but fun!

Memory games, concentration games, math games, logic games and more!

If your job does not allow you to train your memory, mental agility and sharpness of the brain, you should seek complementary activities outside of work that will help keep your brain in shape.

Don't forget that our brain can also be trained!

This mental games adjust their difficulty to match your skill level and continuing growth.

The variety, diversity and complexity of stimulation that your brain receives can make a significant difference regarding its health.

Regular training will keep your brain tuned and challenged.

Our goal is to decrease boredom and increase the smart fun!

It's Free, It's Fun and it's Fantastic for your brain, what are you waiting for??

Enable GooglePlay and save your progress online
to prevent data loss due to changes in the app!

More info at: https://fb.com/groups/peoresnadacom

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