AlphaBetty Saga
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AlphaBetty Saga Review. Meet Professor Alpha and Betty

AlphaBetty Saga is an exciting and straightforward word game. This game for iOS and Google Android allows you to match letters into words. The AlphaBetty Saga app is a creation of the developers of the Candy Crush Saga game.

Friendly and Colorful Experience

This iOS and Google Play app for Android devices has incredible graphics. To some extent, the graphics appear to be very simple. However, they have been integrated outstandingly to emphasize the theme of the game. The developers use a bright color combination, which has proven to be a great choice. There are touches of green, blue, brown, white and purple among others. The letters are arranged in geometric square boxes which makes it easy for you to identify and select them. The soundtrack is impressive, and it lifts your moods to overcome the challenges.

AlphaBetty Saga requires you to match the letters into words. You can link the letters in several directions; left, right, up, down and diagonally. Powerful boosters enhance exploration of the different levels. On your journey, you will come across mousetraps and vines that you must protect yourself from.

Streamlined Letter Matching

The latest version of this iOS and Android app has up-to-date and convenient controls that are suitable for this game’s genre. The tutorials are very clear, thus enhancing the execution of moves. The pattern of the game is easy but gets challenging as you advance to the later levels. Based on my experience, a high level of intuitiveness is maintained throughout this game. Matching letters to create full words is identifiable with very many people. Therefore, there is some kind of immersion that comes with this game. The characters, Alpha and Betty, are very helpful as you explore more words. However, the constant ads can deter convenience. An update to this game should involve minimizing the ads.

You can play each level several times. But it can become tiresome because Alpha Betty is very straightforward and all you’ll keep doing is making words out of the letters.

This leading game can be downloaded for free. It contains in-app purchases which unlock boosters and other characters.


I would recommend AlphaBetty because it is an exciting and straightforward game. It is especially suitable for a person who wants to explore word game challenges. I find it too simple, but the difficulty increases as you progress to higher levels. The exploration of new words makes it diverse. However, the constant advertisements are very distracting and can interrupt you as you play. Visit your Apple Store or Google Play Store, download and install it on our device.


  • Easy to get into
  • A useful tool for learning words especially for young children
  • Creates an immersive experience. The intuitiveness level on this app is very high.


  • AlphaBetty Saga does not have unique features
  • The ads are very interruptive and make the app inconvenient
  • May be too easy for some.
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