Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2
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  • Version: 2.6.6

Monster Trucks Kids Racing Game 2

Monster Trucks Kids Racing 2 is a racing game for children and toddlers from 2 to 8 years old, made by Sydney based company Razmobi. The company produces games for Android and iOS platforms. This is the second game in a series of Monster Trucks. The game was downloaded over 10 million times and considered to be one of the most successful racing games for children.

Graphics 10/10

This colorful cartoonish HD graphics of Monster Trucks Kids Racing 2 may look too simple for adults, but it is loved by children. There are not so many small details drawn, and landscapes are vivid but primitive. Yet, tracks look gorgeous with this background. Colors were carefully picked, and while they are eye-catching, they are not too bright or shiny to irritate children. The cars are moving forward at a moderate speed, which makes it easy to play.

Gameplay 10/10

Monster Trucks Kids Racing 2 has simple to understand gameplay. You have to get first to the finish line, avoiding numerous obstacles on your way. There is one road, so you will have to stick to eat. There are other trucks, and you have to compete against them. Don’t worry, the player’s car always wins. The trick is other cars slow down close to the finish, so your child’s car wins. There are 15 different cars to choose from.

On the way, you will have to gather stars. There is a horn player who can beep during the race. At the end of each level, you will see balloons popping, loud cheering and fireworks.

Besides, there are four mini-games to diversify the game. There is a balloon pop, puzzles, memory cards, and coloring pages. These names speak for themselves. If you want to make the game entertaining or switch activity, pick one of these games.

Controls 10/10

Controls are user-friendly and intuitive. To make it even easier for children, developers have recently improved controls. Children will have to tap on the screen, drag the car, and follow the rhythm of the race. Mini-games will add new tasks for children to learn. There are basic mechanics that children can understand and learn without any problems.

Replay Value 9/10

Replay Value of the game is not that high. It has 42 levels, which can be enough for a child. But after that, some players complain that all their scores are saved and they can’t start from the very beginning. The interest is going down. Developers promise to add more levels in the nearest future, so we can wait for that. Still, after you go through all these levels you may not want to repeat the same way even with another car.

In-app purchases

Monster Trucks Kids Racing 2 is not free of charge. The game is offered on the app store for $0.99, which is not an enormous price to pay. For this money, you receive an interesting colorful, and educational game for a child. However, the game may contain ads. Make sure they are off. There are in-app purchases. Pay $0.99 more, and you will receive new levels in the game.


Monster Trucks Kids Racing 2 is a simple and entertaining racing game for children. It is not challenging and does not require any knowledge. Colorful and intuitive, the game will quickly become favorite to any child.


  • Easy to play
  • Diverse gameplay
  • Lots of levels.


  • Contains ads
  • Low replay value.
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