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Juice Jam - Puzzle Game & Free Match 3 Games Review. A Juicy Pastime

If you’re into Match 3 games, Juice Jam is a great app addition to your Google Android or iOS device. Experience great new worlds and see Match 3 greatness through the eyes of juicy fruits brought to you by Jam City.

Eye Candy

The design is simple yet playful, with tons of color throughout all the various adventures. The vibrant colors make the graphics stand out. You’ll see the cute faces of the juice gang every step of the way. The graphics are cartoony and are a brilliant attempt at 2D animation with depth and contours.

Matching Your Way to Victory

The gameplay is so straightforward! Kiwi and Mango move through Juicetopia serving juice to thirsty clients. Move through colorful places and meet new characters, all the while serving sweet juice and beating cat bosses. You have to match fruit and flip them to gain boosters and advance through hundreds of different levels. Trek through vibrant worlds, and beat bad bosses.

With the new update on the latest version, Kiwi helps Mango celebrate the Lunar New Year in style. As there aren’t enough rockets for the fireworks display, you have to assist them through special puzzles to gather rockets and red envelopes. You’ll also win prizes along the way.

In typical Match 3 fashion, the movement is just left or right on your screen. If you want to select boosters and power-ups, just tap these on your screen to activate them. The controls are quite simple and convenient, and if you’ve played Match 3s before, this will be a breeze. The swiping and tapping is fluid and quite intuitive even for newbies just learning the game.

Both the Android app and iOS versions are free, but you’ll also get ahead with in-app purchases. These come in handy if you want an ad-free version or if you need boosters and power-ups to move quickly through the levels. These range from 0.99$ to 99.99$.

Worth Sticking With?

I’d replay this game mainly due to the variety offered by the different levels and the fact that new characters always spice things up. There are also puzzles and other in-app purchases that unlock new abilities that make the game really interesting and engaging.


Juice Jam is a leader when it comes to Match 3 games, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to have great fun on their devices. The Google Play app for this game is compatible with most devices and varies with the device type. The iOS version requires 9.0 or higher meaning most people with these devices can enjoy the game.

I’d recommend the game to anyone who likes Match 3 games and who is also looking for an excellent storyline to go along with their gameplay.


  • Nice graphics
  • Tons of levels and variety
  • Simple gameplay.


  • Too many glitches and updates rarely work
  • In-app purchases are basically a must
  • Ads are nuisance.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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