Chess With Friends Free
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  • Version: 1.88

Chess With Friends Free Review. Timeless Fun with Challenging Opponents

Chess lovers will absolutely love this app, with the added advantage of playing not just against your CPU, but against a big online community of other players too. Make moves at your convenience, invite friends to the game and play several games simultaneously on this leading app.

No Fluff, Just the Good Stuff

The graphics are cool, but nothing out of the ordinary. Play mode is in 2D, and you can actually see the profile picture of your opponent at the bottom of the screen. You can discover new players through Facebook, and there is an active chat window to allow you to send messages to other players. The app notifies you when it’s your turn to play, and the board always faces the active player.

Classic Rules with Modern Tools

Chess with Friends is a full strategy game, and all the standard rules of chess apply to the game. There are no tutorials though so you’ll need to learn about how to play the game elsewhere if you are a complete novice. The game is turn-based, and you have all the time to make a move. Two players can share a device, or you can compete against folks in the online community, through your Facebook account. A great feature is the ability to see all your previous moves through the ‘replay’ feature. Players are also able to send messages to each other through a chat window. You can play multiple games or opponents at the same time on your Google Android or iOS.

A great feature is the ability to go into Practice Mode by challenging Chester, the Chess coach. See other players’ stats and matches to size them up.

The drag-and-drop controls are straightforward, and I’d expect this simplicity for a mobile chess game. The movement and play get a bit slow sometimes which takes away from the overall experience of playing the game.

Both the Android app and iOS version are free to download, although there are in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 if you want premium content such as ad-free experience and new color schemes.

Worth Playing Over and Over?

I would only enjoy replaying the game if the creators could deal with the unrealistic set-up of playing against the CPU that the game currently presents. I like the fact that I can play with other folks online and this offsets the disappointment of playing against the CPU.


I’d recommend anyone to get the App Store or Google Play app for Chess with Friends. You probably won’t enjoy this game if you aren’t willing to spend extra on the in-app purchases. The latest version offers a few solutions to the bugs that are prevalent in the app, but these aren’t complete. The newest update on both Android and iOS seem to make the app quite slow. The game is a pretty nice option as a pastime.  


  • Chat option is nice
  • The ranking system is a great addition
  • Multiple game capability.


  • Pass-and-play is extremely slow
  • Too many bugs
  • Too many ads.
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