Bee Brilliant
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  • Version: 1.80.2

Explore The World Oof Beeland With Bee Brilliant Review

Welcome to the colorful world of Beeland, lovely Busy Bees and adorable Babees! Tactile Entertainment really captured the world with its latest Android and iOS app puzzle, Bee Brilliant. The game has everything an addictive player needs: lovely characters, catchy graphics and tunes, humor and lots of levels. Look through our beeview and install this great puzzle!

A journey through Beeland

Open the app and begin with tutorials showing you how to play and collect points. Start your fascinating journey through Beeland, learn extra combos and meet crazy characters along the way. Connect bees in one run to get special Busy Bees. During the gameplay, you can get extra moves and extra Busy Bees. Once you began from level 1 and became addictive to it, so many levels are left to go! You get 5 lives which restore in a few hours. The puzzle becomes more challenging as you try to connect the Babees in the different game modes. Some levels require users to hit a certain score, whereas others suppose clearing honey tiles or tear spider webs.

Some levels are easy to deal with within the limited number of moves. But the next ones are more complicated and need some planning ahead and some luck. Reach the three stars for each stage and move further. Note that the game uses a life if you fail the daily quests.

Let’s have a look at the app’s key features:

  • An addictive and humorous puzzle game where users create combos and collect points.

  • The game has various modes, you can collect honeypots, pop the spider’s web and do lots of other things.

  • Meet funny cheerful bees: Honey, Sting, singing Babees and others! Wake up Babees to rescue them.

  • An endless supply of bee puns.

  • Users can take part in daily events and challenges.

  • New level and features in Easter Parade.

  • Unlimited coins, lives, and boosters.

  • In-app purchases: for example, users can skip ahead for a certain price.

Smooth experience?

Download the latest version as new levels and brand new songs have been added. Listen to the Beester Bunnies and enjoy! Most users jump on the game’s board immediately. It’s easy and fun to play, with a variety of challenges to stay enjoyable after each level.

In the app’s latest version the developers also reduced errors during gameplay and improved usability. Some users complain that after a few months it continues to freeze especially when you’ve won unlimited lives for a set period. When they try to start again, it’s just a black screen. Nevertheless, the developers are working at it and we hope these glitches and occasional crashing will be sorted out.

Constant ads seem to be annoying, and some players get stuck in an ad loop and cannot play the game.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


I absolutely love this colorful game with crazy funny Bees! It’s so exciting to beat levels and complete achievements! In addition to that, the game is not timed. Nice way to unwind for some time and have a rest. These Bees don’t bite, they just sing songs and buzz in their beehive. Install the game now and become a resident of Beeland.


  • Download for free via Google Play or App Store
  • Catchy gameplay
  • Pun-filled humor
  • Landscape mode is supported
  • Colorful, cheerful graphics with funny, lovely Bees and fantasy-themed Beeland
  • Six game modes and a wide variety of levels
  • Challenge your friends and beat their scores.


  • Contains some ads
  • Many in-app purchases (bonuses, extra points, skipping of quests).
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