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  • Version: 3.19.0

Cut the Rope FULL FREE Review. Creative Physics Puzzles

Once you receive the package with the little green monster inside, you begin the exciting candy odyssey. Cut ropes, overcome obstacles and feed your little green friend to discover hidden prizes, new levels, and gold stars. Join millions of other players enjoying this leading and multi-award winning adventure game.

Sweet Graphics

The design is really simple yet refreshingly cool. The graphics were based on actual 2D pencil sketches to bring the characters to life. The game is fluid and crisp on both Google Android and iOS. The characters are more of cartoons than 3D, which adds to the feel-good attitude of the game. There are hundreds of colors all make the game really exciting.

Feeding the Cute Creature

Om Nom, the sweet little green monster only has one agenda; eat candy, all of it! The candy that Om needs lies just beyond its reach. You have to cut the ropes to feed the monster its candy. Sounds simple enough but the mechanics become a little tricky. With over 400 levels in the newest update, you can use different techniques such as swirling cushions, blowing bubbles or swinging ropes to get the candy down. The excitement comes in from avoiding falls, encountering spikes and the constant threat of being eaten by spiders. Collecting stars and unlocking new levels all add to the excitement of this app, and you’ll keep thoroughly entertained through all 425 levels.

The controls here are just as simple as swiping and tapping. They are intuitive, and the fact they don’t affect the play on screen makes them quite convenient, especially for users with small screens. If you play the game on a tab, the controls work even better because of the reduced clutter.

The game is download free for both the Android app and the iOS versions. There are however in-app purchases that make it more interesting, ranging from 0.99$ to 5.99$. These include the Unlock Magic Box and Magnets Tiny Pack. You can play the free version but be prepared to get pissed off with ads.

Can It Stand the Test of Time?

This game is so thrilling to play it over again because of all the color and the exciting characters that you get to meet when playing the game. There are numerous levels, so there’s always something different to see. Though there isn’t a definite plot other than eating candy, the game still remains exciting because of the hundreds of new challenges and excellent in-app purchases.


Anyone with a smartphone should get the App Store and Google Play app for Cut the Rope. One of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. The latest version will offer you a few bug fixes, and I also discovered that cutting off the internet solves the ad nuisance temporarily. You can never get enough of the loveable Om character, and this is a game you don’t want to miss on your device.


  • Exciting gameplay with hundreds of levels
  • Cool graphics
  • In-app purchases aren’t too expensive.


  • Annoying ads
  • Needs in-app purchases to progress
  • No customization.
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