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Block Puzzle & Conquer Review. Simple But Engaging Brain Teaser

Block Puzzle & Conquer is a puzzle game that consists of dragging puzzle blocks into place to match them and solve the puzzle. Each level or puzzle only has one correct solution. The blocks can’t be rotated, so you have to approach the game methodically and connect the blocks without any spaces left.

The app is simply designed, with crisp animations and not too much going on in the background. The tangram-style tile matches and sequences are prevalent with different colors and various ways to position the tiles. The sounds and background FX also match the game well. There is no clutter during play, and the only thing you see is the moving tiles, which is cool.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

There are hundreds of levels in the Android app. You have to get correct matches for all the tiles and come up with a unique solution for each level. It’s not only about dropping the tiles; one has to think through the solution quickly from all the possible solutions that exist with the falling tiles. You have to create the perfect jigsaw and think through the logical challenge. There are 3 difficulty levels, and you can start from the bottom and work your way up. There are over 100,000 puzzles to train yourself. You can go into timed or infinity mode. You can also challenge friends on Google Play Games.

Simplicity In Everthing

The simplicity of the game is further echoed by the simple swiping controls. The swiping mechanism is quite convenient for moving the tiles, and anyone will learn how to play the game comfortably. Being a simple app, the controls are also quite fluid and responsive.

The Google Play app for Block Puzzle is free to download although there are in-app purchases too. You can get these purchases at around 2$ for ads-free and bonus solutions, but even without them, you can still easily play the game.

This Google Android game has high replay value in my books. I like the simple plot and the variety of levels and play options offered. The game is quite linear with only one solution for each level, but I understand that this is the plot and what adds excitement to the gameplay. I like the fact that I can get bonuses although these needs in-app purchases to activate.  


The app is definitely a leader in tangram-style games and should be on any Android device. You can play the game to challenge yourself, or you can just do it for fun to relax and unwind after a long day of work. You can also complete each puzzle at your own leisure, or you can choose to time yourself. The latest version won’t take up too much space on your device which is excellent. mToy also offers regular updates which solve some of the challenges and bugs you’ll face with the app.

Overall, I’d say this is a great time killer, and it’s a good way to spend your time and challenge yourself, whether as a kid or as an adult.


  • Different difficulty levels
  • Infinite puzzles
  • Crisp, simple graphics.


  • Too many ads
  • Getting hints has become challenging
  • Lacks textural variety.
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