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Meet one of the most popular Battle Royale games. Fortnite starts with you sitting on the colorful party bus that flies in the sky together with your 99 competitors. Once you jump from it, your adventure begins. Your main goal is to stand alive. One hundred players and only one will become the winner means this game is highly intense and competitive. To survive you need to be fast.

The main plot

Perhaps Fortnite’s popularity can be partly explained of its well-developed plot and amazingly detailed gameplay. You parachute with other players from the colorful hippie-styled bus into mysterious island almost empty handed. At first, it may look like hell on Earth. But, after some time you will master your surviving skills while exploring the island. And the views there are gorgeous.

And by the way, no one stops you to gather your squad or play together with your friend. There is no limit to how many people can team-up and withstand the destructive forces of the game. Some players, especially newcomers find this option life-saving. A team makes you stronger. But if you want to be the last survivor, you will have to take risks and act on your own.

If you want to see as much island as possible, you need to move fast. The map is shrinking every minute, piece by piece. According to the legend, the severe storm is coming. It means you will be pushed closer to your enemies. Take this valuable advice – learn how to build, and try to build a secure shack, house, castle, bunker or even a tree house, it is actually up to you, closer to the center of the map.

Gather all the items you can. And search for the weapons, it may be hidden across the island. Make sure you are careful, as other players are looking for the same things too. You can get killed on the open territory in no time.

It’s all about skins

Well, not all, but pretty much. To be honest, many players were lured in the game by the beauty of outfits offered by Fortnite. Developers constantly add new skins, arrange some crazy unique events and make sales or holiday offers, so everyone can buy skin of their dreams. Actually, you can always pick not to pay for anything in Fortnite, and choose one of the basic offers. Later, if you will feel the urgent need to buy, just do it.

Your skin in the game reflects your personality and usually provides you with some new skills. Some skins are rare and collectible. It’s up to you whether you want to look cute and clueless or scare the hell out of your enemies.

Is it worth repeating?

Well, the obvious answer is Yes! You receive lots of new challenges once you are entering the game. So of course, your first time in it may be really quick. You can be killed by your rivals or weird animals because of lack of food or water or sleep. It is always fresh, because of millions of different choices you and other people around you can make.

Fortnite is a free game. You can try it whenever you want. It has lots of advantages including stunning graphics and gameplay. No one stops you to try every move you want, master your skills while playing, make new friends across the world, and simply enjoy all the peculiarities of the game.


  • Amazing design
  • Mysterious island you can explore
  • New and rare skins


  • You have to pay for some of the most beautiful skins
  • You may get killed on any level of your game
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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