Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game
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  • Version: 1.78

Crazy Cake Swap Review. Exciting Matching Game

Getting a game that is not only interesting but also challenging and with a social aspect is not easy. Most games lack one or more of these aspects. My friends and I were in search of a competitive and exciting game that we would all enjoy, and we were lucky to come across Crazy Swap Cake. It is a must-play game for you and your squad. Keep on reading to find out why.


This App Store and Google Play app for cake matching has simple yet gorgeous and colorful graphics which make the game enjoyable. Although the graphics aren’t sophisticated, I think they suit this genre.


If you have played a Match-3 game before, you will notice a lot of similarities between this game and others in the same genre. The game is merely about matching 3 similar items by moving different pieces in the puzzle in different directions. Although most aspects of the game are identical to other Match-3 games, Crazy Cake Swap tries to switch things up in every level by giving you a mission. For instance, in one, you will be required to create a pathway for the chef to pass and in another, you will be making way for eggs to drop from the top. This variety ensures you stay entertained on all the different levels.

Another thing that makes this game unique is the facial addition feature. You can add your image to make the game more personalized. It’s a nice touch, but I think it’s very gimmicky.


The touch controls of this app are quite effortless to make your experience natural and enjoyable. All you have to do to move the different puzzle items is touch and drag in the desired directions. It is that simple!

In-App Purchases

Both the Google Android and iOS version of this game are free to install but contain in-app purchases. The game features a life system with only five lives. When you have used up all your lives, you have the option of purchasing more with real money. At first, it might not seem necessary, but this is not the case when you get to the advanced levels where you need more lives. Apart from lives, there are also diamonds and other additional items you can purchase to gain an added advantage. It is possible to play the game without purchases, but this slows you down in the advanced levels. The in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $39.99.

Replay Value

I am addicted to the Android app. Ever since I got it, I play it every second I get. It gets even more exciting when I am competing against my friends for the highest score. If you love this genre of games, you will have an enjoyable time playing this one.


I adore playing Crazy Cake Swap on my own and with my friends. It is fun, challenging and perfect for competitions. I think anyone who enjoys playing Match-3 games will enjoy it. Get the latest version of this leading app on Google Play Store or the App Store. Ensure you get the updated version for improved features.


  • The game features varied game modes
  • Plenty of levels
  • Very easy to play.


  • There are a lot of similarities between this game and other Match-3 games
  • The freemium components are quite restrictive
  • The face addition feature is quite weird.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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