Roterra – New Puzzle Milestone for iOS Comes on January 31st

This one will please you if you are one of those people, who think that mobile game developers cannot surprise you with something really new and inventive anymore. Roterra is going to break dimensions and put you into a mysterious versatile universe of cubical puzzles. Sounds easy, but looks gorgeous.

How The Story Goes

You will be offered to play for the brave queen of Roterra world named Angelica. She got betrayed by her brother Orlando, who became an insane magician after wearing a crown.

Now, the young woman is completely alone among trees in a dangerous forest. It would be ok if she only had to go through them, but there are enchanted treacherous knights, who follow on her heels. Help her to solve difficult puzzles and to avoid various threats to reach her legitimate home.

In fact, developers from DIG-IT! Games studio were influenced by the 16th-century Italian poem “Orlando Furioso” by Ludovico Ariosto. This multi-plane universe is a depiction of the poem’s conflicts and has quite a feminist promise. Back in 16th-century women used to be frequently abused and had very little rights. Roterra’s queen Angelica is a depiction of strong, brave women who prove to be a worthy ruler.

What Is It Like

Roterra is actually a universe of cubes, but luckily it has nothing in common with Minecraft. This world is cubical itself, so you have as many dimensions as there are planes in a cube. You have to shift between these planes one by one to find paths for Angelica. Some say, that it may outshine iOS best-selling Monument Valley puzzle and there’s nothing to oppose. They have something in common, but Roterra tends to be more colorful and diverse.


Roterra gameplay

Playing Roterra is going to be a very easy and relaxing task because you won’t need rapid reflexes to get by. It’s more about leisurely wandering and sightseeing beautiful puzzles. There are more, that 80 of them, by the way. Angelika is the main character, but she meets some friends, who follow her through dark forests, caves, haunted castles, and other detailed locations. You will be able to switch between them to see terrains under new angles. Presumably, it would be possible to solve puzzles differently. That is very promising.

Who Made It

Roterra is a creation of a Bethesda based studio DIG-IT! Games. It was founded in 2005 for educational purposes but has already succeeded in video games with SIlk Road, Excavate Byzantine and Exotrex. Last two are superior examples of immersive educational games, so this studio is a trustworthy developer.

Bottom Line

Looks like Roterra is going to be one of the new best-selling games for iOS. Hopefully, it would bring us some fable magic covered in a gracious story. Today, we can already feel sure, that it looks impressive and doesn’t have any analogs in the App Store.

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