Aeon's End From Board To Digital

The survivors of a long-ago invasion have taken refuge in the forgotten underground city of Gravehold. There, the desperate remnants of society have learned that the energy of the very breaches the beings use to attack them can be repurposed through various gems, transforming the malign energies within into beneficial spells and weapons to aid their last line of defense: the breach mages.

The cooperative deck-building game, Aeon’s End, is getting the digital format treatment.  Handelabra Games is working with Action Phase Games and Indie Boards and Cards to adapt Aeon’s End to Window, macOS and Linux. Handelabra has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding to create the digital adaptation.

The digital version of Aeon’s End will be distributed via Steam. The Kickstarter features several reward tiers, ranging from a copy of the game to additional content like soundtracks and alpha or beta access to the game. The campaign page includes a link to a brief playable demo of an early alpha version of the game.

Few Words About The Game

Aeon's End is a deck-building game. That means you start with a basic deck and gradually add cards to that deck as you gain new relics, gems, and spells to play.

Aeon's End gameplay

During the main phase, players typically begin by playing gems to gain aether. Aether is the currency of Aeon's End that allows you to gain cards from the supply. Add gems, spells, and relics to your hand to build your deck.

Your goal is to defeat the nemesis while protecting the city of Gravehold. You damage the nemesis by using your spells. Spells must first be prepped to opened or focused breaches. Then, you can cast these spells on subsequent turns to deal damage.

One innovation in Aeon's End is variable turn order. After each round, the order of turns is shuffled, keeping you on your toes and echoing the chaos of battle.

Aeon's End gameplay screen

Another innovation of Aeon's End is in deck management. Since you never shuffle your cards, you can carefully manage your deck by planning the order in which you discard your cards.

On the nemesis turns, watch out! The Nameless have many ways to turn the tide of battle, including dealing damage to your mages, attacking Gravehold itself, discarding your cards and more. If your mages become exhausted by reaching 0 life, or if Gravehold is destroyed, you have lost.

To win, you must either reduce the nemesis to 0 life, or survive the entire nemesis deck and eliminate any remaining minions or powers in play.

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