Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2019

There are hundreds of puzzle games for the Android platform on the market. The number extends every day. How to decide which one is worthy of your attention? Here is the list of the best mind-blowing puzzles you may appreciate for your Android device.

Best puzzle games for your phone

Android device with the touchscreen controls, vivid colors supports, memory storage is the perfect place for puzzle games. The pocket-size is another bonus that allows you to play games wherever you are: subway or school, office or home. Here is the list of games I love to play, but you can always make suggestions in the comments.

The Room Series

The Room game screenshot

Price: Room old sins - $4.99, the Room - $0.99, the Room 2 - $1.99, the Room 3 - $3.99. Four games are available on Google Play.

The Room Series is one of the most popular options for Android devices. There are challenging puzzles and lots of fun from solving mysteries. Besides secrets, you have to uncover and puzzles you need to match together, these games offer outstanding graphics. It is not easy to find such great visuals for the Android game. The adventurous mood of the game can be compared with Siberia and Myst.

The Room: Old Sins is the latest part of the series. It tells you a story about a genius engineer who placed a weird dollhouse in the attic before his disappearance. You have to find all the details of his and his wife’s disappearance, by inspecting and uncovering the secrets hidden in this dollhouse. Take an eyepiece and search for clues.

The game has easy controls that help you to concentrate on mysteries. Use double tapping to get a closer look at the object, swipe to look around. Pay attention to every object you have found; it will help you later. Read notebooks for a better understanding of what has happened with the family.

Monument Valley 1, 2

Monument Valley game screenshots

Price: Monument Valley - $3.99, Monument Valley 2 - $4.99. Both games can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

This puzzle game is an award winner. It contains fascinating graphics and soundtracks. You become a princess Ida, who travels across various colorful geometrical structures that look more like a part of somebody’s dream. You have to guide the princess during all her journey and help her to achieve the goal.

You will tap a lot to move the princess and structures around. The controls are intuitive and user-friendly. However, the gameplay is rather intuitive. It helps you to look at the same things differently. Monument Valley is a philosophical and rather optimistic game that may give you a chance to see things differently.

Buying the game, you receive the game and Ida’s Dream new chapter. Forgotten Shores with 8 new chapters can be bought through the in-app purchases in the game. Monument Valley 2 is worth your attention as well.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO game screenshots

Price: Lara Croft GO - $0.99. The game is available on Google Play Store.

This time Tomb Rider is trying to solve mysteries of ancient temples, fighting with snakes and wanders in labyrinths as a part of GO game series. There are Deus Ex and Hitman GO games you can also find in Google Play. This is a great way for fans of puzzles and Lara Croft or Hitman to enjoy the combination on their smartphones. Each of them costs $0.99 in the store.

Lara Croft has the same magnificent charm and as adventurous as always. But now you have to think really carefully guiding her through 100 levels. They all divided into 6 chapters, during which Lara has to fight enemies and prove that she is a real hero.

The game has won numerous awards. It attracts you with challenges, amazing visual effects, and sounds. Control Tomb Rider, guide her to the victory.

Two Dots

Two Dots game screenshots

Price: free of charge. The game is available on Google Play Store.

Two Dots is another puzzle game, but unlike previous ones, it is completely free. And yet, the game is simple to control, challenging and impossible to throw away. The game is actually a sequel to well-known and bellowed puzzle Dots.

Basically, you receive similar tasks. You have to connect the dots of the same color together. However, unlike Dots, you now have over 900 challenging levels and new skills. After 10 first levels, you will be ready to win and may go further to the new challenges. These ten levels are more like a tutorial that helps you to understand mechanics. You can choose whether you want linear adventure from Treasure Hunt mode or Expedition challenging mode that becomes available on the 35th level.

There are no ads in the game, despite its free of charge policy. Nothing will spoil your fun. The visual style is simple and colorful. If you want to buy extras, there are in-app purchases.

Twenty48 Solitaire

Twenty48 Solitaire

Price: Free of charge. The game is available on Google Play Store.

Twenty48 Solitaire is here on the list not by mistake. Many of us love Solitaire game, and almost all of us tried it at least once while the Internet connection was broken, there was nothing else to do or we had to spend some time elsewhere. Twenty48 Solitaire is actually a combination of the card game and puzzle. It is in the name of the game. 2048 is a great puzzle game, which you can also try. In 2048 you have to slide the blocks into each other, to double them until you reach the magic number of 2048. In Solitaire you play cards, gather the matched numbers, clear the table.

There are 4 discard piles in the game. To win the game, you have to build a strategy. You can use discard pile twice before you clear everything out. Solitaire brings your beloved card tricks into the game. So, you can still create a waterfall from cards.

Warning! This game contains ads. Since the game is free to download, the ads can be considered as a payment. And yet, there are a lot of ads, and you have to prepare for them. You will see banner ads, video ads after each level, extra undo ads, etc. If you want to remove them, pay $4 via in-app purchases. If you think it is too much, just ignore ads.

Do you have a list of your favorites?

I have mentioned five of my favorite puzzle games to you. Some of them are free of charge, some cost like a big cup of coffee in Starbucks, so anyone can actually allow it. I tried to gather puzzles with different graphics, gameplay, and subgenres. And yet, it is possible that I’ve missed a few great puzzle games here. If you have something to add, write the names in the comments.

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