Top-5 Monument Valley Alternatives

Monument Valley is a masterpiece among indie-games with outstanding graphics and creative gameplay. This puzzle game became incredibly popular right after it was published back in 2014. Experts still argue what made it the gamers’ favorite choice. And after you have played it multiple times, you may feel devastated, missing the precious moments of exploring this imaginary world and helping princess Ida.

Cheer up! I have gathered the list of not exactly the same, but similar games for everyone who misses Monument Valley. They can guarantee you a great time with new fantasy worlds and fairy-tales that came to life. Here is my own list of the best monument valley alternatives.


FEZ gameplay

Just take a look at this little cutie FEZ in his tiny red fez. This is an indie puzzle game created by Polytron Corporation. The game is available on almost all popular platforms, including Windows, PS, Xbox, and iOS. It was published in 2012. By the end of 2013, FEZ developers have sold over a million copies of the game. It was one of the games that actually inspired British designers Ustwo Games to create Monument Valley. The game was so popular that developers planned to create a sequel.

FEZ is a 2D game that is set in a 3D world. You play the character named Gomez who would have lived joyfully in his plain 2D world if he would not have received the red fez by accident and witnessed the breakup in the space-time fabric. It opened the door to the 3D world to Gomes. Now Fez is trying to restore the usual order of things, collecting cubes and wandering around. But that is not all. The game offers you marvelous adventures, multiple secret rooms to explore and treasure chests to open. The game is extremely positive, without any bosses or enemies on Gomez’s way. This is one of the best games that may cheer you up after a long busy day.


Antichamber gameplay

You can easily call the Antichamber game as one of its kind. And yet, it belongs to the puzzle indie genre. The game was created by Alexander Demruth Bruce from Australia in 2013. It was released for Windows and Linux. The game belongs to the list of games like Monument Valley, mainly because of its extraordinary gameplay and creative graphics.

You play from a first-person perspective, but your character remains a mystery. You are walking from one level to another, watching the astonishing change of physics, the appearance of impossible geometrical objects, something that you’ve never thought was possible. You begin your journey at the four walls in the antechamber. There is a countdown set at 90 minutes. You will see a map on the second wall, which you can walkthrough. The third wall contains numerous icons with text that appears during the game, and the fourth wall is a window. It may look like one of Salvador Dali’s creations, but it is way more entertaining and nuts. If you dare to jump in this hole, Alice, you’d better take the key with you. There is no linear gameplay, and you will never miss the tea-party you’ve never been invited to.


Mekorama screenshot

Mekorama also belongs to the indie puzzle mind-breaking game. It is available only on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The game was created by one person, Martin Magni, an independent game developer from Sweden. The game received positive reviews from critics and players around the world right after it was released. The most valuable part of the game is its various labyrinths, according to critics. While the game has attractive graphics, it is rather similar to other indie puzzles and was not praised so much.

You turn into an unnamed robot who has to go through numerous labyrinths and make it to the final spot, marked with a red dot. You will meet different kinds of cubes on your way. There are underwater labyrinths as well, so pack your swimsuit. You have to be really cautious! There are secret doors across the labyrinth, and you have to turn your camera around constantly. Some levels are simpler than others. If you worry about the broken laws of physics again, don’t worry! This game sticks to the natural way of life. So, don’t try to turn around the platform, as you will fall down and lose.

Lumino City

Lumino City gameplay

What a flawless graphics this game has! This is the first thing you notice about the game. All the illustrations were made by hand, without computer graphics. Landscapes are made of cardboard and plasticine, and all the characters are so cute, you can’t take your eyes off them. Well, I recommend you to pause the game each time you want to enjoy this piece of art. The game was created by State of Play Games for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. It was released in 2014. It is a sequel to Lume game.

You play from the perspective of a girl named Lume. When her grandpa suddenly disappears, Lume has to go to the city searching for him. There are numerous obstacles on her way, and you have to help her to solve puzzles, riddles, and talk to the locals. You will explore the entire city while looking for Lume’s grandfather. There are no similar puzzles and you have to think hard to move forward.

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds gameplay

Adventures of Poco Eco is a real treasure for all music fans. It is an indie music adventure and puzzle solver available for mobile platforms Android and iOS. The game was created by Possible Games and released in 2015 for both platforms at the same time.

You turn into Poco Eco, the main character who suddenly finds an old player with a record. He begins to listen to music and the spirits of constellations appeared in front of him. They beg him to give them back their favorite music totems. Well, now you have to gather them, wandering from one level to another. Each level offers you a new soundtrack.

Which Game To Choose?

I am a true music fan, so my answer is obviously you should can start with Poco Eco. However, I also can’t ignore the beauty of Lumino City, the creativity of Mekorama, the anti-gravity of Antichamber, or the cuteness of FEZ. So, as far as you can see, I am obsessed with all of them. You can try them all as well, one by one or all at once. Share your impression about these games in the comments below or make your own list of Monument Valley alternatives.

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