Incredible 5 Board Games for 4 Players

Board games entertain our lives since the 2600 year BC. While it is not the direct date, and people may have played board games when there were no boards yet, this is still one of the favorite ways to spend your evening with friends. Unless you want to discuss your outrageous neighbors or grumpy cats. Keeping a board game home is always a good idea, in case you run out of topics or there will be rain outside. Modern market offers you hundreds of great games. And I am here to help you to choose. Don’t just stop with one, but three or five, as it is not really expensive entertainment nowadays. Share your personal top-list of four people games while I share mine.

Build a New Civilization From Scratch With Catan

Catan gameplay
The game is extremely popular nowadays, and I know why. You are in charge of the whole civilization destiny, building, collecting sources, and earning new points by rolling dice. If your luck is somewhere else, just exchange goods with the other three players. The game adapts to the players and becomes interesting and challenging depending on your skills. Besides, Catan developers offer multiple expansions. Check amazing illustrations in the game. It does feel like a dream come true, especially if you are succeeding in it.

Release Your Inner Scott With the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye gameplay

This is another building cardboard game. Although it may have similar tasks to create something or expend territories, Isle of Skye does not look anything like Catan. While this game involves strategy building skills as well, Isle of Skye offers you to build and expand the island by exchanging products with others. To win in the game you must be smart, have quick reactions and change your strategy if your previous does not work. Enjoy outstanding Scottish landscapes. But don’t be too serious here, as you can always have a little fun with bartering, shopping and even extending your territories. This is a perfect family game.

Become a Storyteller in Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time screen
This is a game that praises your storytelling talents. Follow the glues that you receive by picking cards from the deck. It sounds perfect, right? But not so fast… there are three other narrators who have different endings and cards, and they all want to tell their stories. The winner will combine all four stories in one. There is no end of this game. You can always create a new story, even with the same set of cards, which of course is almost impossible. This game will help even four complete strangers to spend their evening with pleasure. If you don’t have storytelling talents, don’t worry, you can always be funny or just make a life for other players difficult by twisting the plot. Check your cards and game will tell you what to do next.

Improve Your Bluffing Sills With Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham screen
This is a perfect game for four players. It takes you to the times when Sheriff of Nottingham made deals with traders convenient for him and not convenient for them. So, you have to take advantage of the game yourself, playing for a trader. Lie to Sheriff as much as you can to smuggle illicit products or you will lose all your money and your products. If you can’t lie and you know this and now Sheriff’s knows it too, try to bribe him with products.

Explore Your Imagination With Dixit

Dixit screen
With Dixit game, you don’t have to learn a lot of boring rules. And you will not actually feel yourself lose even if someone else won. It is an amazing way to get to your friends’ heads and understand how their mind works, based on the description of the card they made. In your turn, you can offer a better-suited card based on the description that was given. Place your bet on the most suitable card. Win this game! Enjoy an incredible artwork on the cards. They are definitely worthy of your attention.

Why Can’t we Just Play on Mobiles?

Cardboard games were made to introduce people to each other, help them to get to know ourselves better. Even if you are a shy person who does not like to talk much, you can show your best in the game and make new friends. Board games usually erase all the awkward boundaries between newcomers and already well-knit team. I offer you to try at least one of the top games that I gathered here. And I encourage you to share your own list of favorites.

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