Cards Games to Liven Up Your Date

Card Games is one of the best ways to get to know your date. This is always a great idea for a candlelight evening in a relaxing atmosphere of your home. Tabletop games do not require extra expenses. You don’t need to worry about entertainment, just pick one of these games. You can always choose a less competitive or less complex game for the first time. My advice is to ask your date about their favorite genre and current mood and pick something accordingly.

Another thing you have to remember: don’t pick the game with complicated rules. You have one evening only, and you don’t want to waste it on learning all the rules, cards and magic spells you can or can’t use. I picked the most appropriate tabletop games, but you can offer something else.

Fluttering Souls

Fluttering Souls gameplay

Fluttering Souls is a Good Games Publishing creation. It is not only amazingly painted but has a deep background coming from the Japanese legend The White Butterfly. The butterfly in this legend is the soul of a beloved mate who got lost and visits his better half on earth. The game is for two players, and it is very romantic. Players have to collect the cards with butterflies and match them. The more sets they gather, the better chances they have at receiving a token of a white butterfly.

How to play: select cards when it is your turn. This card must not be covered by another. There are 15 layouts in general. Each card set has its own value. A set of 4 Blue Morphos gives you 4 points, while a set of 2 Eighty-eight butterflies gives you 3 points. The second player can use the Great Eggfly card that can block the first player. The winner is the one that gathered 3 white tokens.

This game does not take much time to play. Usually, it needs up to 5 rounds. You will also learn all the rules in a few minutes. After the game is over, you may repeat it or just use this game as a warm-up for your date.


Arboretum game

Arboretum is made by Renegade Games (yep, the one that releases Fox in The Forest Duet in the nearest future). You may be already familiar with games from this company. They make fantastic paintings. Arboretum offers you to feel yourself in the garden, surrounded by lots of trees. The game is made for 2 or up to 4 players. Here you will have to show all your strategic skills and love for trees.

What will you do: choose which trees to plant in the arboretum. You have to leave paths so other players would follow. Each card has 1 of 10 tree species, marked with numbers from 1 to 8. You have to score points building the path with them and finishing this path with the same tree you put at the beginning. Sounds familiar, right? Well, the gameplay is not very unique, but at least you will not have trouble memorizing the rules.

However, you must be careful with this game. One player scores points on each of the tree species. You can choose this player yourself at the end of the game. The player may have a card that gives a right to score points or the card that blocks other players from earning the points.

You have to think carefully about where you are going to plant a tree. Build a strategy to provide you with the longest path. You can always be blocked by another player, and you need to have a backup plan. Still, you may forget about the strategy and competitiveness and simply enjoy your time together. It takes up to 25 minutes to finish the round. In the end, you will get an amazing garden filled with trees.

Boss Monster

Boss Monster game

If you or your date love to play old video games, Boss Monster is your choice. The game is made by Brotherwise Games. It is fun and easy. It is made in the Dungeon Building genre where you have to build dungeons to protect your character. The game is made for 2-4 players.

The rules are simple: build more rooms to already existed dungeons. Every room contains something, either good like a treasure, or bad like damage for heroes. You may lure adventurers with a proper treasure. Heroes go to the dungeon, attracted by treasures and have to pass the rooms. You receive Souls or Wounds points, depending on whether the hero survives the traps or dies. Ten Souls gives you victory, 5 Wounds make you lose. There are lots of interesting Spells you may use on other players.

There are references in the game to Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. Besides, there are two complete and four mini-expansions, in case you love the game. These expansions give new rooms to explore. The game gives you a chance to become Ganondorf or Bowser. It has 155 cards, and you can play as much time as you want.

Trash Panda

Trash Panda game

Trash Panda was made by Gamewright company and has a mechanics of card collecting and pushing your luck. You have to dig through the trash, but cute animals, like raccoons, kittens, or mad dogs will make this task more pleasant. The cards look great, and you will have a great time. Now you are a raccoon that looks for food in trash cans. Sometimes you find treasures besides food.

The rules: you have to roll six-sided dice with symbols on each side. You can do it as many times as you want until you roll the same symbol twice and get blocked. Choose to stop rolling and stash or draw cards accordingly to the symbol on the dice you have. Stashing your cards gives you extra points. You can choose to gain extra abilities. You can also steal from other players’ cards or block them from stealing. You receive points for a number of cards you’ve gathered in your stash. Your cards must be of the top value if you want to win. The game ends when all cards in the deck run out.

The game is simple, but still, the outcome depends on the dice. You take risks rolling it. Anyway, Trash Pandas was made for a friendly company of two or four players who want to have fun.

Which Game is the Best?

It depends on your current mood. This list of four games is small but contains the best of the best. You can always offer your own options for a date night. I dropped numerous games that you may consider as a great idea. My advice here is to take Fluttering Souls to create a romantic mood, Arboretum to impress your date and enjoy the beauty of nature. Trash Pandas and Boss Monsters are great to have fun, make the first date less awkward, and help you to relax. Don’t you agree?

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