Board Games That Make You Smarter

We are used to thinking of board games as entertainment. And it is true, of course. But, besides that, board games develop our analytic and creative thinking, train our short-term memory and are good for fine motor skills. You don’t even notice the whole process, but you may see improvements after a while.
It is not easy to pick only a few board games from thousands of already existing and popular. If you have games to add to this list, please share with us in the comments below. I gathered only the most interesting and mind changing options which are great to play with the whole family, friends or with a soulmate.

Protect Humanity From Virus Outbreak With Pandemic

Pandemic game
Pandemic is definitely a team game. It is fun to play with friends, but if you by chance have to entertain your co-workers this will give you a nice team building experience. Create your strategy, build your character, play the role, work in the team. You will have to stop outbreaks of the virus. It lasts less than an hour usually, but you can always repeat if you want more. Pandemic requires up to 4 players, but you can play it one-on-one. And remember, you are playing in a team, not against it. If one loses, others will lose too. Compete against the game.

Feel Yourself a Bee in a Hive

Bee in a Hive game

It is not chess, no matter how hard other gamers will try to persuade you in that. But, it definitely looks like that. You play against the opponent. And you have to capture the Queen Bee of your rival. The first one who does it wins. How to capture the Queen? Surround her with pieces with oppositions’ colors on them. These pieces are the part of the board, each placed down, so you have to risk, calculate, remember all yours and your competitor’s moves. The average time of one game is less than 30 minutes.

Travel Through the Labyrinth

Labyrinth game

It looks like this game was made for strengthening your mind. You will have to go to the labyrinth, walk through it and come back faster than your competitors. The Labyrinth is a family game, and children from 7 years old may join their parents.  But don’t think the game is easy. The board is changing, trying your limits. There are items on the board you have to gather before your competitors do it. Tiles are sifting, creating obstacles for players. You can be trapped, rerouted or even transported back.

Better Than Scrabble, Full of Letters Bananagrams

Bananagrams game

This is really the task for smart brains like yours. Bananagrams may be challenging, but it is also a rewarding game. You are combining the learning process with having fun. It is full of letters and possibilities. Why is it better than Scrabble? For starters, there is no board in the game, so you can actually play it everywhere. And the playing time is way shorter. The game may involve up to 8 people, starting from 7 years old. To win in Bananagrams you need to draw new tiles. There must be no letters left unused. The game is a little bit competitive, so make sure you are not playing with your boss. It is a well-known fact that many wars have been started because of board games.

Check Out Your Smartness With Bezzerwizzer

Bezzerwizzer game
Do you consider yourself a smart and well-educated person? Now is the time to check it with this game with a weird name Bezzerwizzer. Well, it is not so weird for Germans who actually invented the game and it translated as “know it all”. Yep, Germans love to combine three words in one. The game is up to 4 people with at least basic knowledge of categories like Literature, Geography, Language or Architecture. Actually, there are plenty of categories you can choose from. Pick one and answer the questions from it. Earn points for right answers, amaze your rivals with knowledge. You can choose the level of difficulty yourself.

Can’t We Just Play Something Easier?

Well, you can choose to play something mechanic, but unlikely you will find such board games. But if you have one or two in mind, please, share them in the comments. Personally, I believe that all board games help us to develop our memory, intuition, strategic and analytical thinking. And they act in a relaxing way, lulling your vigilance with entertainment in a nice company of friends. If you have found in this list one of your favorites, please tell us why you love it or possibly share some secrets of success.

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