Best 4 Chess Alternatives to Try

The best chess match was played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851, and the first big machine victory over a human happened in 1997. Since this time, the rules of chess didn’t change much. Yet, nowadays there are also chess alternatives that exist both as video and mobile games or actual board games.

This game is a real test of foresight, tactics, and simple patience. There are several reasons to play chess: fun, training, and simply the desire to compete. So, there are different types of programs and games to try.

Top 4 Chess Alternatives Picked by Me


SparkChess game screenshots

SparkChess aims to be one of the best mobile or PC chess game alternatives. Before starting a game, choose an opponent from four players: Cody, Claire, Boris, or Guru. These players represent levels of difficulty:

  • Cody: You have a good chance to beat the computer. Choose this game level if you are just learning to play chess.
  • Claire: Excellent level for a relaxed game. The computer will not play much, but you have to concentrate a little.
  • Boris: Be prepared to think seriously. The computer will try to play as best as possible; this level is for serious players.
  • Guru: Guru likes to think long before each turn.

The rules remain the same, and your main goal is just to win.

2. Square Off

Square Off game screenshots

It feels like the Square Off board came straight from the Harry Potter books. Originally designed as a traditional chessboard for people with optics issues, Square Off has become an alternative for a PC chess game and now delights fans of this game all over the world. Smart chessboard allows you to play with opponents from anywhere in the world using the Internet, or with artificial intelligence, offering 20 different levels of difficulty. This is possible thanks to a two-axis mechanical arm installed under the board, thanks to which magnetic chess pieces move as if by magic. Moreover, moving figures look fantastic.

An especially nice feature of the Square Off is an automatic chess placement. Just put the figures on the board, and they will go to their places.

3. Unicode Chess Generator

Unicode Chess Generator game screenshots

Unicode Chess Generator is a game where you have to drag and drop to build the chessboard. After you’ve created it, you can use it for texts, blogs, or wherever you want to. There are different versions of possible chess boards: you can create classic, small monospace board, or crab king board, or just create your own. Boos your imagination and enjoy cool and funny chess board texts.

4. Half Сhess

Half Сhess game screenshots

Half Chess is a mini-game that will easily blow your mind. This game is for quick thinkers and logic-lovers. Get yourself a fun mental workout!

Half Chess can become your instructor if you want to become a better chess player soon. It offers both online and offline chess matches, where you can compete against real players or artificial intelligence. Each match lasts up to 5 minutes, so you better think fast!

Half Chess is available for free on both Androids and iOS devices, but be ready for in-app purchases to undergo through all available options.

Any questions?

Once again, this list is based only on my opinion, so you may agree or disagree with me. By the way, have you tried any of these games? Let me know! And feel free to suggest your favorite chess alternatives.

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