10 Best Board Games to Play in 2020

Although video games have become extremely popular today, tabletop games don’t seem to die out. The popularity of board games doesn’t decrease because they let people get together and communicate while playing. Such an opportunity became highly demanded in the digital era. 

However, it’s quite challenging to pick up the right one for a big company of friends. You should consider the ages and preferences of everyone. In this article, we picked up the most universal and fresh board games that you can play with your friends and family in 2020. 

1. Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter hame

Although this game is rather complex and requires a bit of training, there’s a lot of unpredictable events that let you win even if you’re a beginner. Moreover, you can play it with children from 7 years old. Every turn in the game is called an encounter and puts you against a random player. You always have an option to fight or to make a deal, depending on the powers you have at the moment. Alien powers are so different and unpredictable that sometimes you have to lose to win! It’s a perfect game for anyone who likes space themes and funny, unpredictable exoduses. 

2. Splendor

Splendor game

Splendor is another excellent board game that’s exciting for both newbies and veterans. It provides freedom for strategy thinking but doesn’t overwhelm players with rules. All cards have a particular value that varies from basic to Noble. Your mission is to achieve 15 points to win a round and pass to the next. All players buy cards on the market, but cards always get restored so that players could implement the same strategies if they want. It doesn’t require brainstorming, so you can chat while making your next move. 

3. Pandemic Legacy 

Pandemic Legacy game

Pandemic Legacy reminds the mobile Plague Inc game. But unlike the digital game, in Pandemic Legacy, you don’t have to spread viruses. You have to fight them globally. Your chores include building research facilities in order to create the proper medication. 

You are given 4 actions per turn, which makes it nearly impossible to solve any problem on your own. That’s why other players should analyze your actions and stick to the same strategy. Otherwise, the virus will break out of the city and spread globally, killing thousands of innocents!

4. Quacks of Quedlinburg

Quacks of Quedlinburg game

Don’t get confused by the hardly pronounceable title of this game as it’s ultimately straightforward and hilarious. All playable characters in the game are malicious potion makers who mix various ingredients. During the game, everyone tries to pull and use the ingredients of the best quality to finish first. Luck in Quacks is more important than skills, so choose it if you enjoy random outcomes.

5. Survive: Escape From Atlantis 

Survive: Escape From Atlantis game

Survive: Escape From Atlantis lets you play with 1-3 other players. All of you are stuck on a sinking island with your tribes. The mission is to survive the catastrophe and transport your people to one of 4 safe islands. Take them through the jungle, get them into boats, and head to safety. It could be easy, but other players can try to ruin your plans, sink your boats, and kill your people when they get in the water. The fastest and cruelest leader will win!

6. Welcome To

Welcome To

You can play this awesome game alone or invite up to 100 players! Everyone needs a pen and a sheet of paper. The cards you pull include numbers of houses in the city. You have to put them in the correct order following the rules. In the end, you all get stuck on a self-generated puzzle. Try to solve it to move on and finish the round. It’s a great cooperative experience! 

7. Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis game

In this peaceful game, everyone should try to plant their trees on the best spot in the forest. You have a bunch of trees, and sun energy points to combine them on the board and provide trees with the best possible conditions for photosynthesis. The suns you put on the board move 18 times over the game, changing circumstances all the time. It’s a highly competitive process that requires good strategy-making skills. Nevertheless, your kids will enjoy it for a beautiful 3D environment and simple rules. 

8. Mysterium

Mysterium game

In Mysterium, one of the players becomes a ghost, while others should work as mediums to investigate the murder. The ghost can’t talk to help mediums, so they have to build theories using random cards. Winning feels utterly satisfying as the number of moves is limited to 7, while the number of clue combinations is huge! 

9. Dead of Winter 

Dead of Winter game

This one is perhaps a one of a kind zombie survival board game. It involves multiple gameplay mechanics from computer games, mixing them with traditional features of board games. As a result, you can not only explore, loot up, and shoot, but also fight with human traitors, complete secretive objectives, and do many other things. Dead of Winter is highly recommended to all fans of the zombie theme. 

10. Beast of Balance

Beast of Balance game

Beast of Balance is the most high-tech game on the list. You have to use a mobile app that tells you which creature to take and put on the head of the previous one. All creatures have unusual 3D shapes, so it’s quite challenging to put them together. Try to build the highest tower on animals and keep it balanced. It’s a very unusual Jenga-inspired experience. 

How to Choose the Right One?

First of all, you should listen to yourself and understand which game you would like to play regularly. If your choice doesn’t meet your friends’ tastes, you can try to find like minds to play together. If friends are more important than the exact game, consider their personalities, and compare them with genres. 

Cooperative games let you do something together to reach a certain goal, while competitive ones make you try to beat each other. Competitive games can also involve direct and indirect competition. Next, you should also look at the difficulty. If you need something simple, look for games with themes that are easy to focus on. Which games from the list would you buy next? Tell about your choice and offer other good games you know in the comments. 

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