Two New Jurassic Park Strategies Released by Funko

In July 2019, Funko unleashed the Funcoverse game series. The company entered the market of board games after the acquisition of Forrest-Pruzan Interactive. The roster of Funkoverse games already includes popular titles, such as Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, and DC Comics. The brand new Jurassic Park Strategy game is scheduled for the Q1 2020. 

The playset will include 4 plastic models of characters from the original Jurassic Park movie. You will be able to buy models of Dr. Grant, John Ray Arnold, Ellie Salter, and a Velociraptor. Additional items include cards for characters and statuses, a map of the park, cooldown tracks, 12 tokens, 15 markers, 21 point-tokens, and 6 dices. 

Similar to the previous Funkiverse sets, you can mix Jurassic Park with other games. Besides, you can order an expansion pack with models of Dr. Ian Malcom, the powerful T-Rex, and a set of additional game items, including a new map. Both sets are available for pre-ordering for $39.99 and $24.99 accordingly. Do you wait for the latest games to join your collection? Tell us which Funcoverse games you have and don’t forget to share the news with other fans!

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