Pre-Order Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game Right Now

IDW Games has recently announced that Metal Gear Solid is opening for pre-order. They promise pleasant bonus, including 3 unique miniatures to everyone who decides to buy the game during the pre-order period. It will be the Tank, Hind D helicopter, and one figure that is kept in secret. After pre-order is closed, figures will be unavailable.

What is Metal Gear Solid? This is stealth, sandbox with dozen of original missions and 10 new VR missions. It was designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, who is a well-known creator of Specter Ops, Reef and Century series. You can play the role of Gray Fox the Cyborg Ninja, Doctor Hal Emmerich aka Octagon, Meryl Silverburgh or Solid Snake. Each of these characters has their unique skills which you will have to use to avoid recognition by enemies during performing important missions. There are other features in the game:

  • Amazingly made miniatures of characters;

  • 1 Metal Gear Rex mini – oversized;

  • The creative storyline with lots of missions;

  • 8 creative and evil bosses;

  • Modular 20 map times for building the most interesting scenarios.

Is it Worth to Make Pre-order?

The game will be available somewhere this year. Pre-ordering it now increases your chances to actually get it. But if you don’t worry about missing it, just imagine that those people who actually pre-order the game receive special mini figures. And who knows which figure will be the third?

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