Magic: The Gathering Comes to Life on September 26

This month Magic: The Gathering – Arena will be released as a totally functional game. It is happening one year after the start of beta testing. This way, developers mark their anniversary and celebrate the upcoming release of a new set of cards.

PC Game and New Cards

The new game for Windows PC will be free to play and revealed almost at the same time that Throne of Eldraine's new set of cards. These cards will be shown before their physical appearance on October 4. Players will be able to see them while enjoying the new game. The new trailer of Throne of Eldraine on YouTube is rather intriguing, showing the romance, cookies, and devastation. What else do we need?


TMG: Arena is produced by Wizards of the Coast team. Some of us are already familiar with the game, checking the beta version of the game. And yet, the commercial side of the game is still on its upper level. But now at least you can use the system of a wild card in the game, being able to choose the card you want to add to the collection. While in the beta version it was a roller-coaster, fans can’t wait to try improved and smooth gameplay. In the beta version, there is a really promising mode Brawl. Time-limited, it is available for gamers until September 9. Hurry up! In this mode, players can bring a Planeswalker or one of the legendary creatures together with 59 Standard-legal other cards on their own choice into the battle.

Throne of Eldraine

The new deck of cards is something we all want to see. Developers are not sympathetic to our misery, with all these teasers and announcements. I bet that their last comparison of cards with Arthurian legends and Fairy Tales of Grimms’ Brothers guaranteed sleepless nights for many of us. Mark Rosewater, the leading designer, has recently revealed on his Tumblr account that they were all inspired by the thematic concept. Mechanic concerns were left on the second plan. The last video is rather colorful and bright, and we consider it a change of the gloomy story mode to a new, hopefull one. Eh… who am I kidding? Anyway, let’s wait and see!

What do you think about the new set of cards? Are you eager to see it? What are you waiting for most: cards or video game?

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