Lines X Will Be Your Perfect Netflix Substitute

Lines X is a collection of Numberlink puzzles where you have to connect colored dots in a grid. Yet, it’s actually not as easy as it may seem. There are about 100 different puzzle games that you can enjoy in both visual and gameplay perspectives.

X Lines For Perfect Times

The game is a fresh drop by Konstructors Entertainment. It was released on June 27th and has already become one of my favorites.  By the way, now the game is on sale, and you can buy it for less than a $1, so hurry up!

Lines X is more relaxing than a brainstorming puzzle. But it doesn’t make it less exciting. First of all, you should definitely appreciate Lines X minimalistic design. Yes, this will bring you back a lot. Bright colors and simplicity are the best solutions for a light and captivating game.  The second thing is no doubt the number of combinations and variations of puzzles you have to figure out. I mean, who needs Netflix and chill if you can use Lines X as a relaxing pill?

Line Them All

So, what are you thinking about Lines X? Have you already got this for your Nintendo console? Let me know if you share my excitement for this game too, or feel free to ask any question about the Lines X game if you need! I’ll manage an answer as soon as possible.

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