Fox in The Forest Duet is in Pre-order

Renegade Game Studio has recently announced that they open pre-order for Fox in The Forest Duet. This game is quickly becoming one of the most desired co-op board games of trick-taking genre fans. Now you have to team up with other players and leave the forest.

What Do We Know About Fox in The Forest Duet Gameplay

Apparently, there are foxes that are joyfully playing, and they go deeper into the forest that is getting thicker and scarier. Until they are lost. And that is really a little bit weird since they are foxes, and forest is their natural habitat, but maybe they are just not the smartest foxes in the family. Anyway, players have to save them. There must be a strategy built beside your actions, apparently. And you will have to use the extra abilities of the characters while exchanging cards. You can’t just leave the teammate with the wrong card. The circle must now be broken. You have to collect gems. The team that gathers all of the gems wins. But you have to stay on the road and not to get lost.

Details of the Release

The price for the game is $15. It is unknown whether the price will stay the same after the pre-order period is over, so it is better to go to the Renegade Game Studios and buy the game. The game will be released in January 2020. According to developers, the game is made for players from 10 years old and up. The number of players you need is 2. The pack contains 30 Game Cards: 10 Roses, 10 Doves, 10 Stars, 22 Gems (tokens), 4 Forest tokens, 2 Reference Cards, 1 Team tracker, 1 Forest board, and a list of rules.

Are You Excited?

The game looks and sounds promising. While some of us can’t wait to see it, others are more skeptical about its price. What do you think about the game? Share your opinion here.

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