Etherfields Dreamscape Board Game is Revealed

Etherfields game promises to guide you through surreal landscapes of your dreams and fantasies. Make sure you will not get caught there. Etherfields was created by Awaken Realms, well-known board game developers, whose games are on top of charts.

About the game

Etherfields can be played by up to 4 players who have to travel from one dream to another, searching for the way out. The game is fully cooperative. You can play Etherfields alone. Your main goal is to collect as many sources that game offers as possible, master new abilities and earn items that will help you to walk through the map, exploring it, looking for a way to regain your human body again and return to the reality. Etherfields has numerous sidelines to make the story challenging and interesting to come back to. Every scene contains hidden clues and secret deep meanings, and you have to discover it.

Bonuses from developers

Like many other games of Awaken Realms, Etherfields has an amazing collection of miniatures. There are dream creatures you want to play with. They may look beautiful, but don’t forget how dangerous their true nature is.

The date of release

The exact date is still unknown. Up to this day, Etherfields has gathered more than $2 million on Kickstarter. The campaign will be open until August 8th. Developers promise the release at the beginning of 2020. Check their social media for further updates.

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