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These are six of the best models that you can currently find and are also among our selection of the store. Some time ago we compiled different types of amplifiers to play at home, a review where we advise you on the “little brothers” of brands such as Memphis, Blackstar, Fender or Line 6. But Read More

As a first sharp comment, there is no definitive difference between these two types of pickups. How some pickups are more suitable for one musical genre than others will depend on the composition of the magnet, but also other equally important issues such as the size of the wire, the number of turns, the resistance Read More

If we tell you already that: you will be able to save, rehearse at 3 o’clock in the morning and get sounds that you will never be able to obtain with an acoustic, will you continue reading? They don’t make noise, what an irony, huh? a battery that doesn’t make noise. If you want to Read More

Like so many other product lines, guitar tuners have a very wide range of models looking for the same thing: the correct use of different scales on our instruments. First of all, we must take into account the differences between the two families that we are going to show you today. Pincer guitar tuner They Read More