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Apex Legends: Battle Pass and Season 1 Review

Apex Legends is the new Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment, makers of Titanfall. As if from nowhere, the shooter was announced yesterday and immediately released on the players. Like Fortnite and PUBG, the free-to-play title is supposed to be financed by a Battle Pass, which should start with the first season. We've summarized all the information about the premium system and the first competitive season for you.

What is a Battle Pass?

For those on whom Fortnite passed without a trace, here's the concept of the Battle Pass in a nutshell: instead of spending one-time money, Apex Legends gives you the opportunity to pay a small amount each season (1 season ~ 3 months) to earn a little to release exclusive rewards for a limited period of time. These are usually cosmetic items that do not affect the gameplay. Usually, the Battle Pass is associated with additional experience points that allow you. Free up items faster than players without the pass.

The Battle Pass in Apex Legends

Publisher EA has already announced that Apex Legends will have a similar pass and season system as Fortnite. However, there are differences to the genre primus of Epic Games. Here's all the information we've learned about Battle Pass and Season 1 so far.

Start and Length of Season 1:

The first competitive season in Apex Legends is announced for early March. EA did not want to name a specific time yet, but the game roadmap published by Reddit-User Purpletoaster reveals that each season will take us about three months to complete. More information about the game is also available on the official Twitter channel for the game.

Contents of the Battle Pass

The rewards from the Battle Pass will only be cosmetic items. EA has already stressed shortly after the release that no playful advantages go along with the purchase of a Battle Pass. In addition, it was said that around 100 different items are planned for each season - including weapon skins, legend skins, badges, remarks and finishers.

New Legends in the Battle Pass?

New legends, ie game characters with their own abilities, should not become part of the Battle Pass, according to official figures. Instead, you unlock them with legends tokens earned at each level-up. There are currently eight legends in the game, six of which are automatically unlocked.

Apex Packs:

Apex Packs are an additional reward you can earn if you're part of the Battle Pass program. Aside from the regular items you unlock step by step, Apex Packs await you at the big stages of the journey. In addition, you can also buy the packs separately. Apex Packs can include anything from weapon skins, through legend skins, to finishers. In the picture you can see a complete listing. Currently you get 10 packs for 1000 Apex coins, so 10 euros.


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