The musical gift does not have many people, except the musical gift for percussion instruments. Some have enough complexity for years to be spent trying to perfect you, and some look simple. You need an innate gift to get good melodies from them. That is why they have taken the best drumming gloves to play Read More

But certainly, the choice to immerse ourselves in the discovery of our guitars is necessary and vital. Recourse to plentiful sources of information that we can find on the net can lead us to an ocean of doubts and uncertainty. This does not mean that all the information we consult is erroneous (although it should Read More

Today we want to show you some of the most common wood types and how each wood type affects the sound of a guitar. MAHOGANY It is a wood that is commonly used in the medium/low range, although we will not always find low quality mahogany, it will depend on the model and the brand. Read More

Stress is one of the evils that a person can suffer emotionally and that if it remains for a long time begins to affect our body. Playing an instrument relaxes us and makes us feel better, but not play them in any way but know how to play them. Knowing how to play the guitar Read More

These are six of the best models that you can currently find and are also among our selection of the store. Some time ago we compiled different types of amplifiers to play at home, a review where we advise you on the “little brothers” of brands such as Memphis, Blackstar, Fender or Line 6. But Read More

No matter how much you try to take care of your guitar, you will surely hit it on the ground unintentionally, the strap has come loose/broken and you have tied it… These unwanted blows can cause the paint to skip and end up causing splinters on a guitar. Don’t worry, today we have a series Read More

Chris Adler in person asks you: Learn immediately how to differentiate between the types of sticks! So at least you can hunt something else on the fly when your drummers talk about their precious wooden tools. They’re not all the same, they’re not all the same size, these are the categories that exist, all of Read More

As a first sharp comment, there is no definitive difference between these two types of pickups. How some pickups are more suitable for one musical genre than others will depend on the composition of the magnet, but also other equally important issues such as the size of the wire, the number of turns, the resistance Read More

Guitars took care of to the detail that takes with them a more than curious history that attracts us and forces us to tell it to all of you our followers. Current Ibanez there is the history of a plagiarism to a family of Valencian creators, a cutting-edge evolution and the conquest of a market Read More

If we tell you already that: you will be able to save, rehearse at 3 o’clock in the morning and get sounds that you will never be able to obtain with an acoustic, will you continue reading? They don’t make noise, what an irony, huh? a battery that doesn’t make noise. If you want to Read More

Don’t worry, at Musicopolix we aim to teach you how to do it in the best possible way. After reading this post you will stop falling into the five common mistakes. Before starting it would be good if you had a tuner nearby, are you ready? Grab your guitar and read! One of the most Read More

Like so many other product lines, guitar tuners have a very wide range of models looking for the same thing: the correct use of different scales on our instruments. First of all, we must take into account the differences between the two families that we are going to show you today. Pincer guitar tuner They Read More